[Expansion Concept] The Sullied Masses(Main Thread)

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Greetings, everybody here on the Absolver forums. My name is Kamiroo Wolf(As I'm sure you've gathered), and one thing to know about me first and foremost is that I am a concept junkie. I live to create vast and imaginative concepts whether it be for the games that I play or games I'd like to create/see made in the future. A few video games I've been actively working on concepts for are League of Legends(champs and items mostly), Warframe(Warframe concepts mostly, and a few of game ideas I've been working on myself.

As far as what I hope to accomplish with this thread: The best case scenario is that SloClap looks upon this thread and adapts the ideas here for their games(I don't want compensation or anything, and the idea below is all yours. I just genuinely want to help Absolved last longer). The worst case scenario is that this thread is ignored by SloClap and possibly the community and it's business as usual for me :I. I understand the game already has fundamental issues(and those issues should be addressed first), but please know this thread merely exists for reference. If the development team ever has free time or needs inspiration, this thread is here.

Now, onto the concept.


The Sullied Masses:


When it all fell, we all became so absorbed with the Absolver trials that many of us failed to question what became of the very reason for their existence. We took to the use of our fists without hesitation, the desire to rebuild with brute force overtaking our good judgement as the people rotted beneath rubble and ruin. In time, they found their way to the surface without the aid of the Absolvers- only to be forced once more into hiding as Lost Prospects now dominate the land.

The people have awaited salvation for so long, and it is time we pay what we owe.


Among the rise of the common folk, three disciplines have taken root in the hearts of men and women. Within these disciplines are rewards of varying style, pursuits of varying paths, and ways of varying perspectives.

The first, an instinctual learning rewarding greed and prioritizing one's own survival, is the discipline of The Remnants. While their methods may not be the most honorable, their fitness and success is undeniable. With the sly Karven Bir leading by example, they hope to capitalize on all the opportunity present in the new world.

The second, a stewardly order rewarding compassion and prioritizing unity above all else, is the discipline of The Wardens. While the other disciplines focus on the betterment of self and self-worth, The Wardens have taken to bolstering those around them. Headed by the courageous and bull-headed "Oryx", the protectors seek to rebuild the world so that man's past mistakes need not be repeated.

The third, a violent teaching rewarding combative experience and prioritizing one's body count, is the discipline of The Feral. Their interests align best with that of the Absolvers, seeking betterment through combat to extremes one might have only imagined possible. The alpha, Doda Meka, leads his pack with the intent to stand above all else at this, the end of the world.

What To Expect:
  • New Systems
  • New Combat Trials(PvE ones)
  • New Styles
  • New Weapon and Armor Sets
  • New Powers
  • New NPCs
  • Anything Else Necessary
How This is Going to Work:

Players track down one of the three new NPCs and join up the three new disciplines.

The Remnants focus on PvP and collecting loot, rewarding allied players for killing other players in Combat Trials, selling loot to Karven Bir, and assassinating players with Warden allegiance. Their style is known as Vile Style, using dirty tricks and tactics to fight enemies. Their weapons and armor are mostly of the light and lethal variety(preferring cut-based weapons and low-weight grabs).

The Wardens focus on cooperation, rewarding allied players for assisting other players in combat, reviving downed players, and defeating players with Remnant alliance. Their style is known as Noble Style, using moderate-low damage body bashes and weaponry to its full potential. Their weapons are mixed in variety(lethal and non-lethal) and armors are mostly heavy, but provide great resistance values. Headed by "Oryx".

The Feral focus on PvE, rewarding allied players for defeating non-player enemies and sparring fellow Feral entities. Their style is what's known as Mal Style, a violent chain of wild strikes and vicious blows. Their weapons are mostly of the non-lethal variety(blunt), but there are exceptions.

When farming these disciplines, progress in one discipline subtracts progress from another(mainly Remnants vs. Wardens). For instance, each point you get for killing a player(Remnants) will subtract each point you get for reviving/assisting a player(Wardens). Rewards will not be lost(though progress toward one will decline), but your reputation within a certain discipline will rise above another.


I'm currently working on the threads for each Discipline. Please stand by, because the word count on these forums won't let me post it all here.

Link to threads:

The Remnants

The Wardens

The Feral


  • Just finished reading through both your posts, looks like you've put a lot of thought into this, good work! I don't know if all of that seems like a good fit for the game in my opinion, but I certainly hope the devs take a look at this!
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    Just finished reading through both your posts, looks like you've put a lot of thought into this, good work! I don't know if all of that seems like a good fit for the game in my opinion, but I certainly hope the devs take a look at this!

    Thanks! I appreciate the time you took to read them sincerely!

    I can kind of understand the question of whether or not some of the ideas would be a good fit, especially since a knight-themed style like The Wardens' Noble might raise a few eyebrows, but at the end of the day it's all just a suggestion ^_^

    Also, since I can't edit a post 1 hour after submitting, The Wardens Discipline thread can be found here.
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