In-game chat system

Give us a way to talk amongst ourselves in-game without having to resort to the limited amount of emotes available. If you do plan on releasing PvE dungeons this is going to be very important.
Part of the fun of online games is the conversations you have with the random people you run into.


  • Better still, two methods of chatting in game. The go-to being text, of course. And the more modern choice, built-in VOIP for when you form a PuG, or when your friends (or even you) don't feel like getting on TeamSpeak 3 or Discord.
  • At this time, we're not looking to add text chat into the game. In-game communication is done either with the emotes available or with your combat skills.

    If you feel the need to chat with other players during the game, you can utilize the official Discord or another third-party chat system.
  • i'm an old player and i suggest to don't implement any text chat at all or it will ruin the gameplay EXCEPT if it works only for chat with "party" members.
    I'm very sick and disappointed about arrousing players on all the games with a multiplayer components: that's why most of the people i know left games and generally you don't really have any reason to write something to your opponent. You have the emote for that.
  • Yeah I'm with you @3XistencE keep out the voice and text chat, its really not that crucial
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