Heal and shockwave ability disappeared !

My Heal Ability disappeared after i changed my Weapon first it was stil equit and after removing it (to reassing it ) it went to oblivion. I have no heal and no shockwave and im lvl 60 then that was hard in pvp...both gone and nothing helped not restarting the game or anyhting pls help


  • This seems like a bug that happens at random. It only seems to affect Heal and Shockwave. My Shockwave disappeared when I was creating my first school. This bug has been reported many many times and there is still no fix but I am sure that the developers are working on fixing it (hopefully). Try to beat the Marked one or boss that gives the healing spell again, and join the staggering school and pvp with the stagger deck to unlock the Shockwave. This might work.
  • Hey there oxid3s, I'm so sorry to hear about your missing powers! Our team have discovered an issue that's affecting a few other players too, and they're working on resolving it for an upcoming patch. I can't provide an ETA at the moment, but please hold tight, and we'll keep everyone in the loop about it!
  • thanks for your work and for the moment I recovered this spell with a school of combat
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