Spoilers about what?

Sorry for the irony, but it's happened for real.
My girl was watching me playing, was interested by the nice graphic and the aesthetic, i answered after a couple questions "i am an Absolver" then she instinctively asked "are you absolving what?" and i took a couple punches from my enemy and blushed a little while realizing i had nothiing to answer to a simple question based on the title of the game, even if im lvl 60, i finished the story, im a mentor and i have around 60 hours of game.
Who are the Absolvers?
Why the world is in ruin?
What's our goal?
Who are the Marked ones? Enemies fighting us or friends testing us for the order?


  • are we real? is the world real?
    we're teleported to a different place from the opening movie and now givin the ability to revive using the mask.
    maybe its just a magical VR headset.
    maybe we're dead and trying to absolve ourselves for past sins. The tower of adal is like the tower of babel. We built this great tower and city and we're the spirits haunting it.

    Maybe we're absolving the ones who sent us. the architects of the city? Or they think we're absolving them. it could just be a frivolous title.
  • i like the idea we are dead absolving ourselves :)
  • We might not be absolving anything yet. Defeating the rysen was the trail to become an absolver so we might absolve in the future. After beating the final boss, they tell you to keep training because they will need you in the future. Adal is only a place to train absolvers...maybe...
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    I approach the lore to this game the way I did with the Souls series of games, and to a lesser degree Journey.

    There are visual queues and scraps scattered about the game world.
    There is a mural at the top of the Tower.
    The dialogue from the robe gentleman at the top of the Tower makes reference to part of the Calamity the befell Adal.
    The dialogue from the 3 major Bosses also sheds some light on events and activities in the world.

    It does seem a bit sparse, but I think it matches the games aesthetic, gives the player room to imagine, and also gives the devs a chance to build on it, should they choose to do so in the future.

  • Quixote said:

    There is a mural at the top of the Tower.

    yeah, what the heck is that? it seems to have a well defined meaning...
    good points mate
  • Quixote said:

    There is a mural at the top of the Tower.

    there is a mural up there? I have yet to notice this. lol, gonna be looking for this mural when I head up there next
  • So, from what I got from the dialogues:

    Aslan grew powerful by harnessing the power of crystals and started mining them like crazy.
    They look down on other nations/tribes/whatever when they say it's dangerous.
    Big earthquake or similar calamity.
    Aslan envoys are sent to require help.
    When help arrives, everybody's dead, if not from the earthquake, from the sulphur vapours coming from the mines.
    They use dissolution to get rid of the bodies, putting them in a sort of limbo.
    Way later, they send absolvers in training to said limbo to clean up the mad and the lost from this "sacred resting place".
  • When they talked about the bodies Seems like they folded them like they do with the player when you die or when they teleport you, so it seems like maybe they just took the bodies away and buried them where they are now at the mountain area( I guessing at the last part though on where they buried them).
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    Well, it's been confirmed that the area that you are in while playing the game is in, at the very least, the same dimension and the same time (neither in the past, nor the future) as the Absolver training facility on a mountain that you see at the start and end of the PVE game. (It reminds me somewhat of the assassin training area in the newest Hitman..)

    I suppose then, you're either transported magically to a training forest, and overseen by instructors (Including two people from a different country, hi Kargal and Cilnor!)

    Or, more likely-
    That little AI lookin' bod at the start of the game who enchants your mask, did, in fact, turn it into a HTC Vive. When you put it on, you're transported to a simulation world where you are put up against fighters in order to train.

    This would justify that little VR mode that you enter when you go into practice, it would also justify the integration and heavy reliance on PVP in this game (Training you to become a fighter- and training against one another is brilliant training) and how you get there instantly- and also explains how you so quickly enter this green world, and so quickly exit it, when you finish. You're simply stepping in and out of a simulation. Also justifies your respawning.

    Who, then, are the fighters around the place? I believe they're a mixture of AI, Instructors, Legends, and other training Absolvers.

    I believe Kuretz is a training Absolver who has secured some kind of control over the system, allowing him to control other trainee's masks somewhat, and seize control over their will.

    I believe Kargal and Cilnor are either legends from the tear, and have been remade in the simulation to honor them, or maybe they owe the Absolvers something and have been offered the chance to join the simulation and test/train the training Absolvers.

    Finally, I reckon Risryn is just the final instructor, testing everybody. They make the best, or one of the best, be the final challenge, so they can ensure that they, the Absolvers, are ever-improving. Every new batch being better than the last.

    The marked ones are probably just either instructors or spawned in AI. If they're AI, which are prone to glitching, it would explain why I had to fight two Angrel at once. Grr.

    Hope my rambling was vaguely interesting-

    Source: http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/pcgamer/2175660043463435559

    Though, true. Strife has some valid points. There isn't a lot of dialogue, so we should assume that what we do get is somewhat useful. It could be that the talking of the poisonous sulfur that killed all in the tower was in fact perceived by the absolvers as punishment against the pagans and unpure- and could just be a step towards religious brainwashing- if we are treating it as one big training exercise.
  • What's all this talk of AI and VR there is no technology is the world of Adal it's been stated it is magical incantations using the latent essence inside oneself to bend space and time to there will
    Don't think that the mask that the being gives you that teleports you to the bottom of the mountain into Raslan is a simulation becuz give it you teleport to shrines when you die the very being who gave you that power would be able to teleport you anywhere they want
    The very game is grounded and based the mysticism of martial arts sort of like what the Chinese call qi or chi
    Don't think sloclap was trying to do a matrix thing at all
  • Some times the game is buggy and will spawn more than one mini boss but that has nothing to do with AI or Simulations that's far off from the actual lore of the game
    And it's "Raslan", "Adal"not "Aslan"
  • oh so we are playing as guides than?
  • methamos said:

    oh so we are playing as guides than?

    No, you're Absolvers. Or Prospects if you have yet to make your way to the top of the Tower and be successful in your test.
  • methamos said:

    oh so we are playing as guides than?

    No, you're Absolvers. Or Prospects if you have yet to make your way to the top of the Tower and be successful in your test.
    ok because the backstory leeds me to believe the absolver are controlled by the guides via their mask and can be respawned by them wich sound pretty much like what the player does with its absolver/prospect.

    "The Guides eventually decided to wield hard power, and using Folding magic, created a ritual enchanting masks, allowing them to revive and control their elite corps of combatants: the Absolvers. "
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