dodzo in warframe

dodzo in warframe?


  • that sounds nice but just a room with some cosmetic style isn't useful enough to worth it (because so far the game dont have as much features as other RPG's to add them as features of the dojo [by the way i'm not complaining because the features it has now and the gameplay are super well done] adding warframe-like dojos will mean to add some more content and features that might be able to add to the dojo),

    for example if dojos were a building to meet with the other school students and also had a dungeon with enemies who know the deckstyle of the school (perfect to farm the school moves instead of automaticly learn them for joining) that would be awesome and will support the meaning of a "martial arts School"
    also an room with an altar to heal and other areas unlockable by school level with minibosses (enemies with the main story bosses fight styles) or even MVP's (enemies to defeat between various players with much health and agility being able to face a group of players, and who drops good equip based on school level and average level of the party members, and only 1 unique item not shared, wich will force the party member to fight or negotiate to get it [being able to fight the bosses once at day to avoid undiscriminated farming for the high level chars] ) dojo vs dojo encounters and be able to lvl up the trials level faster or the possibility to invite your friends to visit (not join) your school's dojo etc hahaha dojos might become a source of a lot of content maybe even a side story playable only inside a dojo with npc's inside them to explain better the background story etc...

    i think dojos like those might be a good idea, but i'd preffer to have a more cutscenes (before and after the boss fights and cutscenes to explain the game story) also books or collectable data found in the world to explain why is the world devastated who are the different factions of the game the absolver origins ETC...ohh i almost forgot background music!! ambient music and more sounds T_T please the game feels lonely sometimes....
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