The Unstable Catalyst of Hype Becomes Prospect!

Wassup guys! ForsakenM, The Forever Hype Man is here!

...and most of you guys won't know me, because I'm not very popular, I don't know why I continue doing these kinds of introductions...

But yeah, how's everyone doing?

So I wish I had known about this game much early than I did: Absolver is amazing in so many ways. The way I describe it to friends is it's like Sloclap took notes on For Honor, had a meeting with From Software, and then sat down and watched Ip Man and said "Eureka! I think we've got it!"

No game is perfect however, and I noticed a lot of issues, but this is not the section to do that: this is about introducing myself and how I found Absolver!

Well, I myself have been gaming since I can remember picking up a controller, and I have loved fighting games ever since I was young. I believe my first fighting game experience was with Killer Instinct, and since then only party games and silly fantasy sports games (Mario Tennis, NBA Street Vol 2, etc) have been able to try to measure up to my love of punching the every living crap out of my friends on a TV screen. Just for an idea of how obsessed I am with duking it out on screen, I have a shelf filled with roughly one-hundred and forty fighting games.

As for Absolver, funny thing, YouTube actually did me a service with it's ads for once. Was watching some footage for Dragon Ball FighterZ and the ad popped up below. At first I went to close it ("Stupid annoying ads, you never advertise anything I'd like YouTube!") but I saw the masked peeps and the name 'Absolver' stuck with me: I had never heard that word before. Absolve means to set or declare a person free of any guilt or blame, like to absolve someone of their crimes, kinda like a I was like "What is this about, I hope it's not a mobile game, cuz this looks cool." After watching the 'Should You Buy...Absolver' vid by Downward Thrust, I was sold and immediately hit up my buddy who like fighting games almost as much as I do.

I picked up the game I think on the 1st, so I've only had it for a couple days, but I've been pretty much only thinking about playing it when I'm not playing it. Like, I'm having trouble MAKING THIS POST because it's up on my PS4 and I just wanna play it! I've beaten the main story (at least unless we get more later) and my bro and I did that the night we bought it, and after watching many videos and learning a lot of things, I can only say that I think I keep loving this game more and more!

Once I feel like I'm ready to just jump into PvP with anyone, I can't wait to take you guys on in honorable battles of strength, speed and skill! Maybe I'll be a masta of Stagger (Swagger?) Style when that happens.

See you all out there!


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