Upgrading From Base Game To Deluxe?

Is there anyway to upgrade from the base game to deluxe through Steam? There is a deluxe upgrade on GOG for about $12 or so but not for Steam.

I only bought the base game because I was unsure whether I would enjoy it but after playing a fair bit and loving the game I am now interested in the deluxe edition content.


  • This is up to the retailer that you purchased the game from. You'll need to reach out to Steam to encourage them to offer one.
  • So I would like to know what is the difference between deluxe and base game I bought it on sale on steam but there isn't anything mentioning the difference between the two. Can someone explain
  • Hi Ecrawford23,

    Absolver Deluxe Edition includes the official soundtrack from Austin Wintory and The Art of Absolver 52-page digital artbook.
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