Did Not Receive Full Pre-Order Bonus

I pre-ordered the game on Steam and when I made my character I only found some of the pre-order items in my inventory it seems, not all. Thought at first it was just because I didn't have items in those slots yet, but in some that I didn't get an item for I do. Can this be fixed? Am I just not understanding something? Can't find any good information either, like an actual list of what I was supposed to get. Certainly doesn't seem like a full set.


  • Hey WeirdKid!

    I looked into this for you and the preorders should have received a mask, tunic, shoulder, and pants.
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    Ah, alright. Good to know. I got everything then. That's why I wanted to find an actual list of what I was supposed to get, because I was starting to think maybe I wasn't missing anything. The only thing I had to go by was the picture on the store page, which looked like it included other stuff, and I guess I just figured it would be a full set.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I also thought I would be receiving a full set as the picture displayed.
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