What lies ahead for Absolver players?

I want to say I enjoy the game immensely, and have been playing it regularly since release nearly 2 months ago.

I have been reading that you are focusing your efforts on increasing stability for players, and once that is resolved you will be focusing your efforts on games modes, and changes like item sorting.

I am reaching a point that the content currently available is no longer engaging enough to make me want to continue playing.

There were things in the original trailers, that I have never seen in the game.
The lack of any kind of ranking system for PvP has made it a bit boring.
The School idea was really interesting, but its lack of features and customizability makes it a bit underwhelming.

I really like the game and feel it is an innovative approach to a fighting game, I just wish there was a little bit more content to consume.

Thanks for making a fun game.


  • Man I respond to every one of these......... posts... that I can find. I'm trying not to be rude, so if I come off rude then I'm sorry. But I play the game to get better. I have tons of fun in the 1v1 duel. The MAIN two problems I have are the connectivity/stability/lag thing which seems to be one related issue, and also cheating. The SELF JOURNEY of improving your abilities is better than PvP Ranked, though I would definitely enjoy a ranked system as well (But not before anti-cheat).

    Your gripes are so much silliness. This ittie bittie indie developer built one of the most unique, smooth, awesome fighting systems I've ever seen. The community is starting to host tournaments. I mean, do what you want. Go away if you like. The rest of us "try-hards" will stick around and breathe life into this game and then you can come back later on and complain about something else.
  • um.... so I wasn't complaining.... I was giving feeback.... have a good day.
  • I agree with Quixote. I really like the game but I play it less and less. I feel like I've done everything there is to do. As for honing my skills (shrug), they're honed. Once I form a strong char/deck, I restart to try something new; but there's nothing new to try. Gotta reiterate though, I do like the game and It has mostly fulfilled all my expectations. But I think the population is dwindling for reasons Quixote mentioned. Some days I'll fight the same person 3-4 times in a row. Fighting just to fight is great but... I dunno, it's just not enough to hold my attention for more than an hour or so.
  • I think if there were other ways to increase rank than PvP, there would be a lot more people interested in grinding out the spam farm. I love the game, but the PvP wall keeps me from really picking it up again. I would like to just enjoy the world and see it grow.
  • Being able to name your school and edit the deck would be nice. What would really be nice is if we could set up ingame school vs school battles.
    This would create legit rivalry and more reason to want to keep coming back.
    As it stands right now i see really no point in creating a school as your putting yourself at a dissadvantage showing everybody your deck and letting people learn how to counter you... No thanks lol
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