Strange bug on PS4

After defeating all marked ones, when I enter the Tower of Adal area from the Bridge area, my character gets stuck standing still and wont move, while a second image of my character is running in place in front of me. I quit the game and tried to go back and it did it again. This is on the PS4. Please fix this bug because I love this game and would like to continue playing. Thank you.


  • The bridge I'm talking about is the Guidance Bridge...
  • Hey there, Doc, I'm so sorry to hear of this! You mentioned that you quit out of the game and went back in, so would you be able to confirm for me if you quit the application and started again, or did you try a full restart of the console?

    May I also ask if you managed to capture a picture or video of what happened with that weird second character?

    Thank you for bringing this to us, and please accept my apologies for the trouble!
  • Thanks. Apology accepted. After I reset my console it works now.

    I cant remember if I had quit the application and went back in. I definitely know that I paused and quit the session, continued my game, and it happened again. Unfortunately I didn't catch a screenshot or video. I was able to lock onto the second character, and he had my name. I tried to kick him because he was so close to me, however the attacks would not land. He just continually ran in place. I could maneuver every control of my character however his location would not budge from that spot. The location of the bug was approximately at the base where the game auto saves outside of the tower.

    I should mention also that I was wrong about killing all of the marked ones too because since the game works now, I finally found the brother and sister battle. I hope this information helps.
  • Hey again Doc! I'm happy to hear it went back to normal in the end for you. It sounded really strange, so it's no worry you didn't catch any pictures or video of it.

    Either way, the information you've given me is very useful, so I'll be bringing it up to the team. While I can't promise a direct response from them, I'll make absolutely sure that it gets their attention. Thank you again, and if this bug pops up in the future, or if you see anything else going weird, please let me know!
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