REGION LOCK = I'm french,I dowload the game in french but...PLEASE HELP .

Hello everyone. first, I want to say this = I already read they will fix it , (maybe) But, I live in french, just like all my mate, I download the game IN FRENCH, the game is IN FRENCH, but I can't play with any french people because for a darkness reason, I'm NOT ON THE EU SERV. Can someone explain me this please? This is really something interesting I THINK. ALL my mate can play each other. with any problem, (we are 9 on discord) , I'm the only one who get this problem. Can someone, please, explain to me why ? I already try to delete the game, re download, redownload steam, everything, and yet, still don't work... I like this game, I love to spent hour and hour in, but seriously , alone? not as fun as this should be..


  • Hey zoukaama! We're sorry to hear you're running into this issue. We have a patch coming soon that should resolve any region attribution issues!
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