First Hacker Found on PC

Just watched a guy use Heal 9 times and then pulled out a sword.



  • Found video footage. This is the exact same guy I fought. Same name and everything.

  • Yea its sad, you can download the trainer on numerous sites now. Seems to be just file edits. Be nice if they made a simple anti-cheat for said file changes, at the very minimum. You could have guys not going so hard on it and just give themselves 10-30% advantage in health/DMG, less noticeable but downright rotten... Unlike this guy here, who blatantly doesn't care.

    I hope they fix this ASAP with a anti-cheat to stop file editing. Force them to inject at minimum, this is to easy as is for cheaters. Numerous people posted how to edit the files manually to alter graphical effects and such, this shouldn't be allowed either.

    Downright game breaking. Please fix ASAP.
  • We're sorry to hear you ran into a player like this. We want Absolver to be a fun, fair, skill-based experience and people like this definitely keep that from happening.

    We're very aware of this and are actively looking into anti-cheat issues. We'll have an update soon that should resolve this.

    Until then, you can report players like this by sending us their name/Steam ID to and we'll take it from there!
  • Fix the PS4 issues as well ;)
  • It's sad people feel the need to cheat and ruin the game for others
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