Prospect mask is a possible combat trial reward...really!!?

I'm trying to get my girlfriend to play with me and you know shes not the biggest fan but she likes the game still, though she was getting imapacient for a new mask and i told her to keep doing pvp shed get something eventually.

She finally got one but guess what it was the prospect mask same color and same stats as the tutorial mask.
how shes so turned off of playing im kinda sad about it.

why in the heck is the prospect mask that everyone has free from the start with the exact same stats even a possible reward. Its absolutely ridiculous and slightly insulting.


  • Hey there THDante, I'm sorry to hear of your girlfriend's experience with that drop. At the moment, the drops are randomized, though I can confirm that the team will be looking at ways to improve this in the future. While I can't provide an ETA yet, you can be sure that we'll share any info on it once it's available!
  • I understand that they are randomised that was never a problem, its just i cant comprehend why the guy(s) who desinged this RNG system didnt leave the prospect mask out of it since we start with that mask, having it as a drop will only create disapointement specialy since mask drops are rarer then all other gear.

    thanks for the reply though its appreciated and i have faith in you guys i know youl figure out a solution eventually. Im just sruprised that the team included it in possible rewards from the start.

    P.S if i could get short and sweet "yes" or "no" on my post about alternate colored gear peices id love you all even more.
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