Gear peices of alternate color dilemma.

So there's this pair of boots "Tear chieftain boots" they are commonly red but its possible to get them in white and in yellow. Only thing is its seems the yellow and white version are only available "dirty-damaged" and any version of the boots "clean-intact" from combat trial rewards seems to be the common color (red).

I'm genuinely wondering am i wasting time hopeing to get them clean from pvp? Are they only available in alternate color from defeted NPCs ?

if a Mod could answer this it would be awesome im sure other people feel the same about peices of gear they really want in a specific color.



  • uhm.. Hi guys a responce would be nice. You know manage expectations, perhaps my question wasn't formulated correctly.

    Are all collor variants of gear peices obtainable undamaged from combat trial ?
    Cause if not im wasting alot of time trying to get something il never get...
  • I a 100% certain I have unclean version of some pieces of gear of different colors. The colorful cape with dots on it, for instance. I cannot say if the same hold true for clean gear, honestly, at combat level 225 I have so much gear, an no way to sort it out, that I really can't tell if the clean gear come in various color, much less a specific piece.
  • thanks for the reply buddy.

    yea i have a friend thats lvl 1000 combat trial and hes only ever had red versions of the boots clean so im starting to think white and yellow version are only available dirty...

    i wish mods could answer these questions like its not hard... all i want is a yes or no

    even if clean version of the boots in yellow have 000000.1 chance of being a reward id be fine with that, id keep grinding and hopeing, but right now i dont know and the lack of info on these things leaves me a bad feeling of am i doing this for nothing is it even a possibility?

    Not a nice feeling.
  • I had someone look into this as things seemed a little off based on your description. As it turns out, the issue of certain colors only showing up on either clean or dirty/damaged items is a bug and it's now on our radar. We'll fix it soon and you'll be able to complete your wardrobe in the colors you're looking for!

    Also, as we've mentioned previously, we're working on inventory management which will be coming soon as well. So you'll finally be able to get rid of all the items you don't want.
  • Awesome cant wait!
  • Awesome cant wait!
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