A Collection of 10 Ideas

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Here is a collection of 10 ideas I've had over the course of playing the game. Keep up the good work Sloclap; you're all doing a fantastic job. :)

Suggestion #1
Your combat trial level is displayed next to your player name so that everyone knows how badass you are. Players will also have the option to hide their level so that they can:
• Keep opponents guessing their skill level.
• Avoid embarrassment and expectations after becoming rusty.
• Prevent opponents from giving up on sight.

Suggestion #2
Killing a player without reviving them has a % chance to drop loot. The loot will be identical to a piece of equipment that the killed player was wearing (with the exception of certain items e.g. absolver cloak). This will give players another way to acquire gear and will add replayability to the open-world while incentivizing open-world PvP.

Suggestion #3
Decrease the amount of school exp earned for equipping abilities, weapons, and styles. As of now, I can easily become a disciple of a school without equipping any of the school combat decks. This ties in with the next suggestion.

Suggestion #4
Every move in the school deck is available to be used in your own combat deck. This allows students to incorporate their own playstyle. The number of school moves you have equiped determines the amount of school exp you earn.

Suggestion #5
I don't know if something like this is already implemented. Players who are in the same school have blue icons instead of white. This provides easier identification among members of the same school.

Suggestion #6
Have the match score in 1v1 combat trials resume when versing the same opponent again later. This will allow players to form long lasting friendly rivalries with other players.

Suggestion #7
Each altar will influence the percentages of the loot table for combat trials. Communities will figure them out and in doing so will reward these players with the ability to maximise their chances of acquiring certain loot. The Guidance Bridge altar won't influence the loot table (this is for those who don't want to travel yet want an equal chance of getting any reward).

Suggestion #8
Pressing up on the directional pad folds your weapon. Pressing down now drops your weapon. This will allow you to give it to your co-op partner. This will also make it easier to learn sword moves and future weapon moves.

Suggestion #9
More secrets! Secrets as difficult to find as the hidden loot in Essence Reserves. Perhaps even as difficult as figuring out how to get out of the map in Raslan Colliseum (I may be the only who knows about that). Here are a few ideas of what these secrets could entail:
• Ingeniously hidden shortcuts that connect two otherwise unconnected zones. This will serve as a means of fast travel for eagle-eyed players.
• Secluded areas that reveal bits of lore. This could be done by using murals, other visual clues, or an NPC that you can talk to.
• More places that show off the beauty of the game. e.g. a balcony in the imperial quarters that oversees the city of Raslan (This might help the players that have a hard time navigating the world).
• More cairns!
• Hidden ledges and paths perfect for ambushing and tailing unsuspecting players. This would go great with the second suggestion.

Suggestion #10
When pressed up against a wall have the wall turn transparent similar to the railings on the library map for better visibility.


  • Hey Ragnothane, thank you so much for compiling all of these ideas, they look pretty good! I like how not only have you given ideas for new content, but also for tweaks, which is really cool. I can't promise a direct response or that they'll be implemented, but I'll certainly bring this to the team and make sure they know about it.

    Thank you again!
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