New Content Please

Hello, I started playing Absolver around mid 2019 and fell in love with the game. The art/animation style, precision, flexibility and martial arts centered play had me hooked almost immediately. A major concern I had, however, was the replayability. In a day a friend and I both finished there story and created our own schools. Wer played the three quests for gleam, and hoped on the pvp modes but soon felt like there game was pretty much complete.

I started playing again recently, and again found my love for these game, but found playing co-op and showing new friends to be the greatest interest as it still felt lacking. I wanted to see if there are too this date (14Mar2020) any plans for new content.

Also a HUGE idea I saw in a previous post on here would be incredible if implemented. The idea mentioned having a special area for your school. One where around 16 school members could go in and spar together, show off new loadouts, train to learn new moves in a simulated Soho style setting, and build the spirit of camaraderie in schools.

The party also mentioned there mentor being able to customize this area with things like banners. I think even having a school armor loadout would be great. Wearing the school appearance as is typically the case in these settings would allow schools to gain an image and mentors would be able to fine tune their school more, for the benefit of the members.

Lastly, I would also be grateful to see more skoru content. I understand the game is about the fighting, which is already beautiful, but having an adventure with the character we've molded and shaped with or effort provides a greater sense of purpose, which think would being this game even farther where enjoyment is concerned. More player will find interest, and continuing players will have more to do.

In the end, I loive this game. It is creative, beautiful and sharp, and I hope wer can look forward to more in the future.
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