noob looking to pick a style! :p

Hi! i'm a noob and i'm looking to pick my style, i read a lot and it seems like windfall is OP, though i couldn't find any recent posts.. is it still the case? 'cause tbh i don't want to pick a style just to get destroyed by windfall users.
thanks for any help! :)


  • sorry for the double post, i'd also like to know if there's still a soft cap for stats? if yes what's the cap? thanks a lot!:)
  • hi remik. all styles can be good, but the more fluent easy ones are stagger and windfall.
    soft caps begin very early but they are very soft so you can easily get one stat up to 27 without hesitation.
    even so an almost even distribution will be just a little more effective. id suggest to stay beneath 23 in all stats
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