Where can I find a manual?

I have made it all the way to level 50 but I have no idea how to build a deck, what other schools are available besides 1 or where to find the marked ones. I thought I found them all and beat them but the door keeps saying to keep looking. I also have 5,000 shards. No idea how to make crystals. No idea what a lot of things mean in the game.

Some documentation would really help with this game. I have just been winging it.


  • Did you beat the main bosses like the twins or the guy in the . Colosseum, if not, that's why you can't progress.
  • Also you can't make crystals, u earn them by levelling up past lvl60 and the shards are used to purchase things in the essance shop. Hope this all helps a bit!!
  • Hi Hud,

    There's a rather comprehensive FAQ right here that can answer some of your questions. A quick look around the community here, on reddit, or on the official Discord may answer the rest.

    In regards to the Marked Ones, it sounds like you're killing Jinn Mesca in the city and think he's a Marked One when he's not. There's a sneaky one hiding in an alley right below his bridge.
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