Schools not working. Cannot connect to servers.

I cannot look up any schools so that I can change. I have tried searching known school ids. Even the school id of my current school won’t work. Even the school leaderboards are broken. This has effectively made it very difficult to learn new moves and styles. Even the NPC in Raslan colosseum that introduces you to schools is broken.


  • Hey SpaceyCayce,

    We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with school servers.

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4/Xbox)?
    - When did it happen the first time?
    - In which region are you located/playing from?
    - Have you tried rebooting your device/router?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • This has been an ongoing issue for the past 4 days.

    I am playing on xbox one.

    I am located in the state of Washington United States.

    I have tried power cycling both my modem/router and my Xbox one.

    All of my friends and everyone I meet in the community are having this issue.

    We can not search any school by id. We cannot look up the school leaderboards. When at the alter in the social menu viewing the friends tab we cannot view the school that another player is in. The NPC for schools that is in the raslan colsseum area will not load. When competeing in the combat trials we cannot earn experiance for our current schools.
  • Same exact problem I’ve had for 4 days as well. I’ve lost out on so much school progress and it’s pissing me off. All school stuff is down. The only point to the game end game. about to stop playing altogether. Fix this for the love of god this is the second time schools have been down for me.
  • Can’t even update my school deck. Come on... smh.
  • Same as well. Xbox one servers. No connectivity for schools or school leaderboards. This seems to happen for a few days everytime the school contests end. It's quite annoying being stuck to either one school, or no school at all.

    How long until this issue is balanced out?

    It can't be player side, since it is happening to such a wide array of players, this has to be server based error.
  • i've also had this problem for around 4 days and its kind of annoying because i grinder to get stagger style and i can't use it or a join a school to get it
  • Day 5. Issues still remain. Not even addressed. Small dev group, but really? Sure fire way to kill you game and any support it has gained. F%^#ed up.
  • Hi all,

    We're aware of the issues people are reporting with Schools. We have some fixes coming in our next patch. We have no ETA to share at this time.
  • It's June 29th, and the problem still persists on Xbox One. Can't unpock stagger style period because schools continue to be unavailable.
  • July 2nd and i still can’t join schools and it says “cannot connect to server” some bs
  • I’m having the same problem on Xbox. New player and I love this game but I can’t unlock stagger and it’s really frustrating! Please reply back
  • Moderators - Please respond to your adoring community by at least updating us as to whether or not schools will ever be fixed, and if so, when. If they are not going to be fixed, please let us know that as well. You owe it to your user community to be honest with them, so they can make an empowered and informed decision with regard to where they invest their gaming time.
  • I can confirm as of August 31st 2019 that this is still a problem
  • yup, so im sitting here with only two stands because i cant get into a school, i would like to be able to get them for my main girl! im not switching to someone else just because of one thing going down for no reason! im pretty sure i can even use some in general because of this problem, its a shame
  • im pretty sure that thats it, absolver is dead forever , even though it had so much potencial , the Devs seem to give a shit about the community
  • Yer schools working join mine on Xbox #28717
  • yes! schools are back!!
    i can join!
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