Can't connect on PC

Hi there!
I redownload the game after a long time wanting to play with some friends, but i cannot connect to the server for some reason.

I've tried to restart everything (Steam, PC and router), I've also tried to redownload the game with the same result.
Should I try something more?

This is the error:


  • Hi Ikhy,

    We’re really sorry about the connectivity issue encountered. It looks like the game client cannot fetch your Steam ID, and thus connect you to the game.

    A “ghost” Absolver application could still be active in the background, could you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and look into it, please? If two Absolver.exe applications appear, please terminate them and relaunch the game.

    If you have no “Ghost” Absolver in your list of processes, the issue could come from Steam. As reboot didn't help you, please backup your saves and try to reinstall Steam.

    Let us know if that helped.
  • HI Waterfall! Thanks for the reply!
    I've tried to reinstall steam (well, uninstall, clean all the files and install again), install a couple of windows updates and nothing, there's no "ghost" process either.

    I don't really know what more to try.
    Any more ideas?
  • Hi Ikhy,

    We're aware of some issues with server connectivity for some people and are working on a resolution. If none of the above troubleshooting steps helped, then you're probably part of that group. Our next update will have some fixes for it.
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