Absolver name

I have a character named "Death" but somehow its show up as numbers to other people. Can you fix this? I signed up using my steam account.


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    Usually absolver views your steam account name. dont ask me what the character name is for. but good news you can switch your steam name all you want.
  • Hey Death,

    As methamos said, the game shows your Steam ID. The name you assign the character in-game is for tracking your save files only.
  • So my steam name is Dice but my absolver name shows up as random 250+ number, 276, 280, 256 were some of it..How do I get a hold of someone that knows how to solve this problem?
  • there is a support email for that.
    support_pc@sloclap.com for pc
    support_ps4@sloclap.com for ps4
    and probably
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