Low effort, high impact ideas

First off, the game is amazing. I really enjoy both PVP and PVE modes and this was my favorite game of 2018 (included with PS Plus). Gratitude for all the hard work put into this.

1. Add more color combination options for gear. 6 is good, but 9 would be even better!
2. Add more music to the soundtrack. The soundtrack is good but adding a few new tunes would be nice.
3. More PVP arenas. Should be able to leverage style of the Adalian mines, underground caves, and fold based on Downfall content.
4. Add "ninja star" projectile ability. This could cost 1 shard, travel FAST but have a slow windup. Ninja star would do cut damage and minimize players from keeping too far of a distance. This would add a new dimension to the game (would not want the game to get too projectile-happy but worth a try to keep things fresh).
5. This would be higher effort level but some type of chess-style mini game with chat could be added as a new mode/area.


  • Hello DirtyBirdd99,

    Thanks for your gratitude and your suggestions what could be added to the game to make it more fun. We can't promise to implement your ideas in Absolver, but we appreciate your suggestions. Do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts and feedback about the game,
  • Hi dirtybirb.
    Low effort, high impact ideas is exactly what we need ^^.
    Even so i like your 5 ideas im not sure that they would have a great impact.
    None of those, with exception of 4 would have an impact on the actual fight wich is definitly the most important thing
    about absolver.

    My guesses for most efficient changes would besomething like:
    -events in the pve world where more than 3 players can enter to a battle or objective defending or something alike
    -queing up for 3v3 while playing 1on1 as mentioned here
    better rewards for both of those
    -better gameplay introductions after the pve
    so far the most important

    -creating tournaments within the game.
    -a dojo or something like a meeting hall for absolver players cause so many absolvers would love to get more social
    (really the 3 players high cap per session is crippling this game ALOT)

    but most important""" more free weekends and advertising especially for pc!!!
    we need a whole new generation of absolver players to get some wind into these haunted ruins :smiley:
    not some single newbies that have to get 300 hours of pvp beeting before they stand a chance.
    I admire those who go through all that but they are few and i cant blame anyone who quits.
  • @methamos

    Yeah speeding up the 3v3 queue somehow, and a tournament mode would be great. Spectator mode sounds interesting as well. Game seems more suited for console IMO so it is surprising it wasn't on Xbox sooner. Once it is there, the game as a whole should maintain a solid user base. The more people who know about it, the more will join on PC also (most people simply don't know about this game).
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