3vs3 how the queue would work

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I know quite alot Absolvers that would love to play 3vs3 from time to time but on PC you really need to make an effort to get 6 players together. Just to emphasize it again Sloclap, 3vs3 could be a big and fun part of Absolver if youd put a little bit effort into managing the matchmaking system.
So here are my suggestions to make this happen:

1. Let players queue up for 3vs3 and do anything else in the mean time.
- Let queued up players play 1vs1 and as soon as 6 are found everyones is joining automatically
as soon as their round is over.
-players in pve join immediatly when 6, but only as soon as they are out of combat
-players in dungeons shouldnt be able to join i think but thatll depend on how long the dungeons of the downfall update are

2. make an option that you can enable to see at any time how many players are queueing up in EU or NA

3. an option to vote for mapchanges or team mixups (random /or/ rank balanced) after each match would be great

I hope 3v3 gets more attention and Absolver in general.
I'd love to take part in renting a dedicated server for Absolver.
Thx for your attention.


  • Great ideas man
  • Nice idea, when i waiting for 1vs1 battle, i like to enter in training mode becouse its only possible activity that i can perform when im waiting.. i will love possibility to actually move a little when im waiting for 3 vs 3. It takes so much time that even training mode is boring after moment. So mamy exp could be earned, so many enemies could be killed in this time ;-;
  • Greetings methamos,

    You've given a pretty cool idea, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your idea to the team.

    Thanks again for your support! :smile:
  • Thx for reading :smile:
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    These are pretty brilliant ideas, especially freedom to do anything while queuing for 3v3s.

    Even just being able to leave the altar and fight NPCs or players in the overworld while you're queuing would be great!
  • I have a little addition.
    -make a note at the 3v3 description thatll tell players what they can do while they queue up.
    3v3 could really bloom.
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