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I really love art-style of this game, But the world is too small imo.
I'd like to suggest new PVE worlds.

You can go to new map with using boat from central harbor.
There are vast deserts(Ripa desert?) and steep mountains(Uring mountain) in the new map and you can receive quests from people who evacuated from the earthquake.
Also, people will live more than adal's area.

Really amazing work by Michel Donze

I see the comment frequently that this game is dead, but I do not think so. Recently Downfall update came and winter update is coming.
I really love this game. Respect SLOCLAP :smiley:


  • Hey Geist,

    Thanks for your kind words and your suggestion about adding new PVE maps with illustrations. We can't promise to add such maps to the game, but I have passed along your vision to the rest of the team. Feel free to add more details, discuss it with the community and share any other ideas about Absolver.
  • I think that’s a really cool idea. I always think that since Adal has fallen, some of those people they controlled might be want to take advantage of the Adal weakened state. I think if players could go outside if the tower to defend Adal from invading forces who want to take control of the vast essence mine. It would be a cool story ark. players could maybe join sides with the enemy factions and you could have a control map where player can fight in a pvp battle zones where each faction can try to control the territory. I realize this wouldn’t be something easy to do and it’s not something that can be done right away but It would really open up the game to a lot more players. Love the game by the way, played it on ps4 and now on Xbox. it has so much potential but needs more depth, and drive.
  • This is a great idea, since PvE is so loved getting a better look at the rest of the world would be great. I understand having a small Dev team posts a lot of workload problems, but I strongly recommend a core shift to PvE on a more severe level. The PvE is very well polished and appeals to play types of all forms. Sloclap you really should consider this. I've been a huge fan of this game and followed it since it's very first teaser! Keep this marvelous experience of a game alive, and show us the beautiful world you built for it!
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