I accidentally changed my appearance

Dear absolver developers,
I want to start by congratulating you for your amazing effort to create this incredible game. I have played for a couple hours on my ps4 and i really like it already. However, today, as i enter an altair and checked out my appearance, i accidentally changed the colour of my character, wasting crystals and being forced to play with that character until i reach level 60 and earn some other crystals by leveling up.
I understand that i shouldn’t be that bothered with a cosmetic change that doesn’t affect the gameplay whatsoever, however i am really dissapointed that i will have to finish the game and afteryards cope with the leveling up system in order to have the appearance of the character that i would like to have. Could you somehow help me to change my skin colour without the usage of crystals or give me the required amount of crystals to change it? Any other suggestion for another solution to this situation would be welcome.
I hope you take my concerns into consideration, and i am looking forward to your reply.
Sincerely, an absolver fan.
(If needed, i an willing to send my ps4 username and my email address)


  • Hi pantsour,

    It sounds like you ran into a bug that adjusts appearance. It should correct itself eventually. We're still working on tracking down the cause of the issue and resolving it.

    If for some reason it doesn't correct itself, you will have to wait until you reach max level and earn a crystal to change it. There is no way for us to do this for you or grant you a crystal to do so.
  • Thank you for your fast reply regarding that matter. If i remember correctly, i opened the appearance menu through one of the altairs (i don’t remeber which one though, since i accessed multiple altairs and didn’t notice the change until much later), browsed through the different skin colours, and then pressed back. Somehow, the skin colour that was selected was applied, despite not selecting the “apply” option, and my crystals were removed from my inventory as a normal purchase should do. Was that the bug you were referring to, or was that supposed to happen (apply the selected appearance to the characted despite not pressing the “apply” button)? If it was indeed a bug, then should i expect my appearance to turn back to normal in the following days, or should i wait for the next update to happen? Also, if my appearance turns back to normal after the bug fix, then will the crystals that were used for that purchase return to my inventory, or not?
    I am sorry if i might cause you any inconvenience.
  • Nevermind, it must have been a bug since i opened the game today and my appearance had turned back to normal. Thanks for the support anyways and keep up the good work!
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