How do I buy stuff from the essence shop

It’s said all I have to do is reach level 50 and I am passed level 50 and I still can’t buy anything how does one exactly buy stuff from the shop I have plenty of essence to spend


  • Hello boiyouthought69,

    In the Essence Shop you can use Fragments to buy new Gear and Weapons as well as upgrade items. You obtain Fragments by deconstructing Gear and Weapons you don't want.

    If you are talking about Crystals, they can be used to do multiple things in-game: reset your Attributes, change your Appearance, buy new Emotes and Combat Trial Intros, and buy Rift Coins. You earn a Crystal each time you level up your Prestige.

    Hope that clarifies a bit. If not, please post here screenshot illustrating your issue.
  • I will send a screenshot later of my problem
  • I’m past level 50 and I still cannot get the barbarian war gloves from the fragments shop
  • might be the pvp lvl thats recquired
  • Hey boiyouthought69,

    Certain items also have a Combat Trial level required for purchase. Until you reach that CT level, you won't be able to buy the item.
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