Matches should take place between people of the same skill level... Just recently made lvl 60 normal pve game, learned a few moves, even joined a school... Now everyone I face in PvP matches are multi triangle Masters... So that's it for this game I guess. The elites rule, the students suffer. Awesome matchmaking...


  • Agree.

    You should also be able to 'find a new match' instead of continue or quit.
  • Hi Seryph420,

    The triangles you are referring to are Prestige indicators and have nothing to do with skill. They are simply a measure of how long you've played the game and can be earned in PvE as well as PvP.

    We do not currently have a Ranked system in the game. As such, the matchmaking system takes into account your Ping, Skill Rating (hidden), and Character Level (not Prestige or Combat Trial level).

    As you are now level 60, you are being matched equally on Character Level if you're facing people with Prestige triangles. The system then is matching you as best as it can considering who is currently queuing considering Ping and Skill Rating.
  • So, just randomly then... You could have just said "It matches your randomly..."
  • seryph420 said:

    So, just randomly then... You could have just said "It matches your randomly..."

    That's not what was said at all. Please don't attempt to spread misinformation. Thanks.
  • what about afk players.

    I had a match against a player that just walked forward the whole time.
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    the game is already kicking afk player. ofc that can be tricked with setting a macro for walking. but you always have the choice to leave anytime and search another game and/or report the buguser.

    @seryph420 you have to consider absolvers low playercount, when you get a stronger opponent, its just because there are no weaker players around and the system decides to match you with someone stronger instead of letting you wait an hour
  • is it posible to allow a secondplayer to join you split-screen coop in the future? at least for matchmaking until you make an actual versus mode, i hope you can at least allow this so parent ccan play with their kids or guest can be guided into the temping absolver universe.
  • 3,5, and 7 vs matchups would be awesome
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