How about the ability to jump... is it really that impossible to let me jump? Wtf Absolver


  • Just out of curiosity, what do you need to jump for? To traverse the map or part of your fighting?
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    What would be the use of jumping when there's nothing to jump on? Unless they add stuff like parkour to get an item when they add a jump mechanism.
  • Hey GROFF83,

    The map was designed in such a way that jumping wasn't necessary so there was no reason to add it. It could also potentially confuse people in combat since they might try to jump in combat and lose the ability to fight, dodge, use abilities, etc since they're not in a combat stance. In-combat jumping is something that is done via certain combat moves.
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    well theres alot of walls and floor space to use, so maybe some non-combat mechanics for jumping and sprinting enhancements would make adventuring less boring, i hate walking around wasting all that awesome gamespace, maybe the buildings and floor could be used to perform non--combat actions such as alternative and diverse diverols,spinhop check, so each area is alittle more interesting,alot of trees and could have features and items to ber collected or hold a secret attack, but am sure they are guarded by various wilecreatures and monkey style students, i dont want to get kicked in the face, those guys can hang and use trees, PVE should be interesting like that.
    I'd like the future of this game like monster hunter to allow each area to have some resources to use and collect, fruits such as berries in the bushes could add a touch of nice color and players who are more interested in helping others searching for different grasses to be used patchingwounds healing poison, and hunger, no fishing, but absolving from natural rivers and woods,cointreasuregottago.
  • Use falcon punch as your first power attack.
  • Use falcon punch as your first power attack.

    It would have to have an actual eagle or am out.
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