ps4 noticeable lag

Is anyone else experiencing lag? If so could it be graphical or network lag?


  • Hello spock,

    We're sorry to hear about the lag issues encountered.

    If you encounter laggy matches post 1.20 update, would you mind sending us the date, approximate hour of the match, your timezone, with your Steam/GoG/PSN ID, please? The email address is (for PC) and (for PS4).

    It would help us check our server's logs and find out the possible issue. Thanks!
  • edited July 2018
    Just had problems connecting to server NA, july 3rd 10:36 pm EST
  • Same. Can't connect. PS4. July 3rd 11:29pm EST.

    See image for error code.

  • Hi all!

    There was an issue last night where the servers for PS4 got a bit overwhelmed with the number of people connecting concurrently, but we pushed an optimization overnight that stabilized the issue.

    We're keeping an eye on things today and will continue to do so. If you run into any more issues, post the error code and we'll dig into it.

    Thanks and have fun in Adal!
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