Absolver Official FAQ

Below is an official Absolver FAQ by Sloclap and Devolver Digital. The team will update it as important questions are gathered from community feedback. Thank you for your support. We’ll see you on the plains of Adal!

General Questions

What kind of game is Absolver?

Absolver is a bit hard to define and the concept of an ‘online melee action experience’ seems to suit it best as Absolver is ultimately a blend of an intense, customizable fighting game set within a beautiful yet modest online world. Players make the journey from lowly Prospect to vaunted Absolver by training through combat, finding and defeating specific characters in the world, and reaching the top of the Tower of Adal. Once they achieve Absolution they are free to roam the land engaging in combat, becoming a mentor to those that wish to learn from them, and entering into more traditional 1v1 matches.

It is important to note that Absolver is not an online RPG or an MMO; the scale is relatively small compared to well known games in those genres and the online interactions are much more focused and personal without the large scale server populations one might expect from an MMO.

What is online gameplay like and can you play offline as well?

Absolver is a somewhat unique blend of online and offline game, both happening in the same experience with other players passively introduced to each other’s game similar to thatgamecompany’s Journey. While Absolver was designed and intended to played online with others, players can certainly play offline and even choose to limit other players from entering their game. Though possible to complete the game offline, the team at Sloclap highly recommends that players experience the multiplayer combat and social interaction that are inherent to Absolver’s design.

The core of Absolver’s gameplay is its deep fighting mechanics and online combat. Prospects will enter the plains of Adal alone and encounter both AI-controlled opponents and live players through Absolver’s shared online experience structure. Players will roam the world as their own independent ‘server’ as the game seamlessly introduces other Prospects into their game experience. Once players encounter one another they will have a choice to engage in friendly sparring, more aggressive PvP combat, or cooperative PvE play with up to three players at once. Through online cooperative play each Prospect will be able to learn new moves from one another, progress on their path to Absolution, and gain experience points that can be spent on one of six attributes to improve their skills. More here:

Will Absolver have continued support and new content?

We have released multiple free updates since launch that included things like a new 3v3 mode, updates to the School system, and a brand new Prestige system for players at max level. A major expansion is planned for 2018 that will be free as well. You can find our current Production Roadmap here: https://www.absolvergame.com/forums/discussion/25817/absolver-production-update

What languages are supported?

Absolver currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese on all platforms. Russian and Polish are supported on PC.

Will there be any microtransactions, paid DLC, or some sort of Season Pass?

All of our updates to the game have been free and we have a major expansion planned for 2018 that will be free as well. However, based on community feedback, we may release some paid content for players that wish to continue supporting the game’s development. That content would be strictly cosmetic.

Can PS4 and PC owners play against each other?

Crossplay is not currently supported and we are not focusing on adding it at this time.

What other platforms will Absolver come to after PC and PS4?

The team at Sloclap is relatively small so we started with PC and PS4 but hope that with success we can bring the game to more platforms. We plan to have an Xbox version released in 2018.

Can Absolver be played with a mouse and keyboard?

Yes, though a gamepad is recommended. Both mouse/keyboard and gamepads allow for rebinding commands to make things more functional for both types of players.

What are you doing to address cheating in Absolver?

The development team at Sloclap has implemented measures to prevent players from cheating during combat. If you run into someone who you feel may be cheating, please report them to us via email at support_online@sloclap.com

What’s the deal on framerate?

The PC version runs at 60fps on a PC with the recommended specs and at least 30fps on a PC with minimum specs. The PlayStation 4 version runs at 30fps in the open world and at 60fps in the Combat Trials.

Can I monetize gameplay from Absolver on YouTube, Twitch, etc.?

Absolutely, and we hope that you do!

Is there a physical version for sale?

Special Reserve Games has limited edition physical sets for PC and PS4 as well as PS4 retail boxes available via absolver.devolverdigital.com

Will there be mod support for Steam Workshop?

We don't have any plans for this currently.

Why does my Steam name appear instead of my character name?

This was done to make better use of the Steam Friend List feature.

Why can’t I add this person to my friends list?

Friends lists are managed by the platform you are playing on. We allow all PC players to play together but we have no control over GoG and Steam interacting with each other in terms of the friends list.

How many people can be in one instance of the game?

Up to 3 players can be in an instance in the Open World.

Is the game colorblind friendly?

The game is not currently colorblind friendly.

Is there cross-region play?

Cross-region play is not available in the sense of selecting a server to play on to prevent high distance lag since that is highly impactful in a fighting game. However, you can invite/be invited by someone from another region to join their instance.

Where are the servers located?

We currently have servers in Ohio (NA), London (EU), Singapore (SEA), and Sydney (OCE).

What are the recommended specs for PC?

You can find the minimum and recommended specs here (scroll down): https://store.steampowered.com/app/473690/Absolver/

I’m interested in the art style of Absolver. Where can I learn more about it?

You can find more information about Absolver's artistic inspiration here:


What’s the deal with Sloclap?

Sloclap is a small, experienced independent studio located in Paris and founded in 2015 by veteran designers, programmers, and artists that met while working together at Ubisoft. Absolver is their debut project as a studio and began production in April 2015.


  • Gameplay

    How big is the world in Absolver?

    The world of Adal is relatively modest and can be traversed from end to end in half an hour or so provided all areas have been unlocked. The goal was not to have a large open world but instead a realm where players could explore and encounter both NPC combatants and other live players to interact with, whether that be fighting, sparring, or simply politely bowing and going their separate way.

    What is the difference between a Prospect and an Absolver?

    Prospects are what the fresh, somewhat unskilled warriors that arrive in Adal are referred to after receiving their masks from the Guides. Through training, sparring, combat, and exploration a Prospect will become stronger and master the art of fighting to eventually take down a series of miniboss figures and boss fighters spread throughout Adal. Once all other tasks are complete a Prospect can make their way to the top of the Tower of Adal to face Risryn and prove their worth to join the elite corps of Absolvers.

    How does character progression work and is there a prestige system?

    Players choose a base character and one of the three initial Combat Styles from the start and begin their journey into Adal. From there XP is earned through success in combat and that adds up to gain Attribute Points which are then used in one of six attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Endurance, and Will. These attributes impact player stats such as Health, Stamina, Shards Refill rate, and damage done by attacks: some attacks will be more efficient with high levels of Strength, others will scale better with Dexterity.

    As player’s levels increase, they will receive additional Tension Shards: these magical crystals refill during combat, and allow the player to use special powers, or deploy weapons. Additional slots will be progressively unlocked in the Combat Deck, allowing high level players to create more complex choreographies.

    Finally, as players acquire new equipment via PvE loot, or PvP rewards, they will be able to finely tune their character’s way of fighting, by balancing protection levels, movement speed, stamina recovery, and damages from attacks.

    Once a player reaches the max character level, the Prestige system opens up to them. As a player reaches each Prestige level, they are awarded a crystal that can be used to reassign Attribute Points or purchase Rift Disks (magical artifacts that give items of various rarity levels), new Emotes, and more.

    What is the max level?

    The current maximum character level is 60. After that comes Prestige levels which have no max. Combat Trial levels are separate and also have no max.

    What do the Prestige indicators mean?

    The Prestige indicators show a player’s progress after they’ve reached level 60. The higher the level, the more prestigious the attached symbols become. Level progress is marked by a mix of full and empty triangles with full marking odd levels and empty marking even levels. The colors of the indicators progress as you get higher going from Bronze to Silver to Gold and finally to Jade. Once you max out Jade, everything resets and you progress through them again.

    Do stats have caps?

    There is a hard cap of 60 points you can put into a single attribute. However, the attributes also have soft caps where the points you put into them start giving diminishing returns. You'll want to experiment with what works best for your specific play-style.

    Can I reset my stats?

    Once you reach level 60 you'll be able to reset your stats and reassign their points by spending 1 Crystal.

    Can you customize your character?

    A character’s basic appearance is selected alongside Combat Style from the start of the game. Once in-game, players can customize their character's appearance at any altar by spending Crystals. As for clothing options, players can customize based on acquired gear that carry specific perks and attributes in addition to their unique aesthetic. More on that here:

    Will there be a clan or party system?

    There are no traditional clan or parties, players will be able to join in cooperative teams for PvE and for 3v3 matches. There is also a School system available, but it works differently from a clan/guild and focuses on teaching.

    Can Absolver be played competitively and will the game support competitive features?

    Absolver launched with a dedicated 1v1 PvP mode that can be accessed from any of the altars found around the world. From there players can battle against a random opponent or someone from their friends list in a best of three lives match, earning experience points with each match. There is now also a 3v3 mode that allows teams to compete against each other. More features will be introduced in the future based on community feedback.

    Can you switch Combat Styles during the game or do you need to create a new character?

    While a character starts with a specific Combat Style, it is possible to learn new Combat Styles by joining Schools created by mentors. Once players learn different Combat Styles, they can switch back and forth between them as long as they are out of combat.

    How are weapons and special powers used in the game?

    Weapons can be found around the world and picked up for use in combat or taken from opponents by disarming them with a series of devastating strikes. Once players reach a certain level they can unlock the ability to ‘unfold’ a weapon on command during combat which uses tension shards, the rechargeable resource illustrated as floating gems behind the player.

    Similarly, players will unlock special powers like healing or a shockwave to push back opponents that can be used at will provided they have the necessary shards powered up to use them. More here:

    How do I unlock powers?

    Powers are obtained in multiple ways: by finding them in Cairns, by joining a School and earning them, or by earning them in Combat Trials.

    Does Absolver have an ‘ending’ or is it an open-ended story?

    The narrative goal in Absolver is to journey from Prospect to Absolver by gaining experience through combat, improving your character, and taking down a group of minibosses called Marked Ones before climbing the Tower of Adal for one final showdown. Once complete your character will become a vaunted Absolver and can then roam the land teaching others what you have learned in combat and proving your skill against other players online.

    There are also plans for content expansions that will open new areas of Adal and introduce new goals for your character to achieve.
  • How do you learn new attacks?

    The most basic way to learn attacks is to have a successful defensive action against someone using them against you. You learn a little about the attack each time it is used against you and eventually you'll learn enough to unlock it for yourself. Keep in mind, you must defeat your opponent for what you learned to take hold. You can also join a School and learn moves from the Mentor's deck by using those moves in combat against others.

    You can learn moves in both PvP and PvE. Some moves can be fairly hard to find and one especially rare one requires finding a specific character in the world (or alternately finding a player that's already learned it).

    What are crystals? How do I get them?

    Crystals can be used to do multiple things in-game: reset your Attributes, change your Appearance, buy new Emotes and Combat Trial Intros, and buy Rift Coins. You earn a Crystal each time you level up your Prestige.

    What are fragments? How do I get them?

    Fragments can be used in the Essence Shop to buy new Gear and Weapons as well as upgrade items. You obtain Fragments by deconstructing Gear and Weapons you don't want.

    How do I communicate with other players?

    The Emote system offers a great variety of non-verbal communication in-game. Outside of the game, Steam, PS4, and GoG all allow you to add other players and use the platform's built-in chat feature. You can also use other external communication tools like Discord.

    Where can I find more general tips/info about the game and how to play?

    If you enter the Meditation area in-game, go to the Practice mode, then hit go to leave back to the Menu, you will find a Tips option that has more useful information.


    How does the Mentor - Student system work?

    Absolver also features a unique fighting school mechanic where more advanced players can create their own school of combat that other players may join. The school’s creator effectively becomes a mentor to these students and this relationship allows for the mentor’s students to use their Combat Deck and the more robust catalog of more advanced moves that comes with it. More details here:

    By progressing through their Mentor’s school, players can earn rewards and learn moves simply by using them against opponents

    How/why should I join a school?

    You can join a School by checking out another player's profile or by going to the Leaderboard menu. Joining a School gives you access to another player's polished Combat Deck and you can learn all the moves in it simply by using them against others. It is a great way to learn new Combat Styles, Attacks, and Powers.

    How do I create my own school?

    To create your own school, you must first reach Combat Trial Rank 50 to show that you’re proficient in your combat style. Once you’ve done that, head to the Oratian Quarter and speak with Hayen.

    How do you level up in a school?

    Participate in the Combat Trials using the School deck and its rewards to increase your Student level.

    Do I keep the school's rewards after leaving it?

    When you leave a school, you only keep the moves you learned while in it. If you completely unlocked the Style, you keep access to it as well.
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    Are there any exclusive items?

    Players that preordered the game received the Uring Priest set. PlayStation 4 players have exclusive access to the Shabu Commander set.

    Where do I get new gear?

    You can get new gear in a variety of ways: by looting Cairns, defeating Lost Prospects, as rewards in the Combat Trials, and by opening Rift Coins & Disks.

    What can be dyed?

    The majority of the Masks and Gear in the game can be dyed. Items that cannot be dyed are that way because of either technical or artistic constraints.

    How do I get X item?

    More often than not, finding someone in Adal with that item and then defeating them gives you a chance to loot it from them. However, some items are only available from the Combat Trials as well as Rift Coins/Disks.

    Are the Halloween/Devolver masks still available?

    They are still in the game and can be found in Rift Disks, though they can be hard to obtain.

    What weapons are currently in the game?

    Both Swords and War Gloves are currently available in the game. We would love to add another weapon in the future, but haven't announced any plans in this regard at this time.

    What's the difference between Rift Coins and Rift Disks?

    Rift Disks are harder to come by and thus offer better rewards, including some only available in Disks.

    Can we trade items?

    There is no trading available. You keep what you earn.

    Additional Information

    Where can I find a community-led Absolver wiki?

    Sloclap has partnered with Gamepedia for an official wiki located here: https://absolver.gamepedia.com/Absolver_Wiki
    You can also find a wiki here: https://absolver.wiki.fextralife.com/Absolver+Wiki

    There are many other user created destinations that will have tips and information from the game located on forums found on Steam, GOG, reddit, and absolver.com.

    Is there a sub-reddit?

    There is an active reddit community at https://www.reddit.com/r/absolver/

    Is there an official Discord channel?

    The official Absolver Discord can be found here:

    How do I report bugs?

    We review the Steam discussion group, the official Forums Bug Reports section, and reddit for bug reports daily. However, you can also report them in the #bug-reports channel in the official Discord.

    How do I change languages on Steam?

    Here's how to change the game's language in Steam.

    Right Click Absolver -> Properties -> Set Launch Options

    In the box shown type the following:


    Choose from the following list for your preferred language.

    Language - XX

    German - de
    English - en
    Spanish - es
    French - fr
    Polish - pl
    Portuguese - pt
    Russian - ru
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