PS4 Pro Enhancements!

I've been wanting this game since forever now, and fortunately, it'll be free for PS Plus subscribers starting Tuesday. I've looked everywhere several times and have seen close to no speculation on whether this game has or is going to get any PS4 Pro enhancements. From what I've gathered, there currently are no enhancements on the Pro. I'd very much love to play this game with a resolution higher than 1080p. Even if it's not full on 4k, there's still a huge difference between 1080p and 1440p (1440p is usually the lowest I see for Pro enhanced games). It'd also be cool to see performance get a boost, though I'd be content w/ just a resolution bump. If there's currently no plans for PS4 Pro support, I highly suggest such plans be added to the "to-do list". From what I've heard from developers on making a "Pro patch", it's not a hard thing to implement and would require minimal resources in most cases. I'm very surprised I don't see anyone speaking on this, surely others feel as I do on the subject. Either way, I'm sure I'll love the game. I'm super stoked to play! Here's hopin' for Pro support sooner than later! [:


  • Hi stevieh0e,

    We don't currently have plans for PS4 Pro Enhancements, but it's something we can review in the future as we complete our current roadmap and move on to adding other things to the game.
  • I totally agree with Stevie. Higher frame rate and higher definition would be so nice with the Pro. Some HDR would be icing.
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