Questions about any updates

Hey shout out to Sloclap for the production update. Much excitement about it and I hope it lives up to my personal hype but with that outta the way. I have some questions.

{Crossplay} Would they’re be any chance that we will see a cross play between consoles and Pc or/and even between consoles?

{Passive mode} So i see you guys are adding a heafty serving of PVE to the game. Which is always welcomed but I can see that some players may want to avoid pvp combat if they can help it. I love the fact you can meet up with people and you have to decide if they are friend or foe but, ya know... not everyone’s like that and being attacked by a troll could be no fun. So do you have any a option for those who would want to avoid pvp?

{More players in lobbys, (Lobbies?)}
So with the engine up date I assume comes better optimization so, would there be a chance of more players in one area? Or even more NPCs?

{Secrets? “Question mark?”} With added things coming to the game, would there be a reason to go back to the older areas of the game for something/someone new?

{The Pro and the X} With another version of the same console with different specs does the team go through any difficulty with running of the older model of the consoles? and is it better to run the game on the ps4 pro or the xbox one x?

Thanks for your time guys and take your time responding.


  • to Passive Mode - You can play offline already to have all the pve content but no other players. The easiest way to do that is starting the game while your still offline or clicking on Stam/go offline, than start the game.
  • 'Crossplay' / 'more players in lobby' and 'secrets' would be very nice, but i trust the dev.s in developing the most important things first.
  • Hey NationwideBoxing,

    Everything we're able to discuss right now we just did with the new Production Update. We'll be able to talk more about what is coming in the PvE update in July as announced.
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