Bug report 1.17

Il start off by saying that many of the other bugs on my older bug posts are still present, so they should also be relevant and worth consulting.

1. absorb blocking

2. glitched pve path

3. traning dummy doing his usual thing

4. flying and hidding NPCs

5. I know i mention the camera alot but its because its realy bad and i want to stress that fact xD

6. i started a new 3v3 game with low HP and in lock on mode but i was locked on nothing and could not exit it until an opponent showed up.

7. this one is weird as hell i activated shockwave but nothing happened, then eventhough i had 2 shards it wouldnt let me use them as you can see in the bottom left im spaming shockwave after the bug and it just wont let me. I could not use powers until i died and respawned.

8. I stumbled on a poor fela who entered the game as a rag doll unable to move, he would of been stuck there the whole match if one of us didnt go kill him to force a respawn.

but the odd part is that unlike other times he actually regained full control of his character but fully invisible.

9. this corpse with a limb in stoping attack animation glow.

10. 3v3 end game score bord and exp super glitch.

11. victory or defeat can still leave you stuck with an invisible character and UI.

12. Some hits are starting to feel like they hit way to far, but its not consistent at all. its a tad frustrating.

13. school is slow at updating and telling us we have new students and mot time the notifications show when entering meditation.

14. Strafes ( attacks that avoid thrust and vertical hits ) are the worst guys for so so many reason... well in second place after the camera haha.

anyway here's one of the reasons why

As u can see my foot went trough his boddy...EVERY TIME.. sucks , please fix xD
(second gif is slowed down to show it more)

thats that for now, good luck on the QA keep up the good work guys. : )


  • Hey THDante,

    Thank you ever so much for compiling all of these bugs for us, the gifs will most certainly help the team to understand and investigate these too!

    I'll be sure to make certain that the team are aware of all the issues you've reported. While I can't promise a direct response from them, rest assured that it will reach them.

    Thank you again, this is incredibly helpful!
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