Online not working in Dubai

So, I’m visiting my brother in Abu Dhabi (a city 1 hour away from Dubai), in the Middle East. I saw absolver somewhere, thought it looked really interesting, bought it and I was planning on buying it for myself too when I get back home.

I really wanted to play online with him.

It doesn’t seem to work here though, it just says that it’s connecting to server, forever. I can’t even play offline, unless I completely disconnect the PS4. This really sucks.

Now, this problem is temporary since I’m going back to Canada in a week, but I’d really like it if my brother could play as well. Has anyone figured a workaround?

Is the absolver team working on this? It’s not the problem with our internet connection, everything else works fine. Also, the problem appears to be prominent according to other posts (same region, same problem).


  • Hello Gomar,

    We're sorry to hear you've run into some connectivity issues. If you are still experiencing issues, Please send an email over to our team at with as much detail as possible for more in-depth assistance.

    Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.
  • hi, i'm also from UAE, any update on this problem?
  • jfp0102 said:

    hi, i'm also from UAE, any update on this problem?

    Hi jfp0102,

    Unfortunately, no. By all accounts, this issue is not on our end, but we're still trying to research ways to help our UAE players connect.
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