keyboard & mouse configuration bugs

Noticed that you can now bind your defensive moves to keyboard keys. The problem is, It doesn't work
I've tried out using solely the keyboard for control, and I bound my attacks, camera control, and defensive moves, to all different buttons on the right side of the keyboard.

I wanted to try using the directional keys for defensives, so that my right pinky would be on NumPad0 and right thumb on Right Alt. Trouble is you can't use the same keys to control the camera, even though there is no camera control with a locked target. It might be tight to get it so that those keys can control both functions, like the joystick on a gamepad does.

Here is what I found:

The defensive mechanism doesn't trigger when you use the key that you bound for it. I tried using the numpad keys, and keys such as l;'p, or jikl - and so on. Haven't found any way to activate the defensive move with the keyboard.

2) If you bind an attack to Numpad 0, it won't work if you're blocking (holding down L Shift). you have to release the block key to attack. Not the same with, for example. the right directional key as an attack, or right Alt as an attack. Those keys override block.

3) When moving diagonally, (using A and W or W, D, etc) the camera doesn't always pan correctly if using say. the directional keys on the keyboard.

All this doesn't really matter much, because using a mouse to control the camera would be better. I posted a suggestion elsewhere that might work well with a mouse, - having L-Shift be a block key, and also modify the function of the movement keys, so that A,W,S,D become the defensive mechanism control while blocking..

That's it.


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    I think the problem is the signal that the keys make.
    I tryed out to put the defensive ability on my mouse wheel. And when I spin it really really fast it work sometimes. That keys that are used for the signal need to be memorized and the activation of those needs to get binary I would say
  • Hey ocybin,

    We are aware that there is an issue for some with remapping to keyboard/mouse right now. We have the team looking into a resolution. Once we have more information, we'll let you know.

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