Jinn Mesca forever bug

This has been happening to me since the first day that this game was out. i can never get past Jinn because, every time i kill him, it does nothing, and i cant get any further without killing him. i thought originally that it was just a beginning game bug (because there was a lot of those for me at launch) but it is still happening today, and i don't know what to do at this point.


  • Hey runemaster0,

    Based on your comment, you're looking to kill the Marked Ones to unlock the path to Risryn. Jinn Mesca is not one of the Marked Ones. This is why killing him is not granting you any progress.

    You may want to look around a bit more for the last Marked One or ask the community for help as many people have confused Jinn for a Marked One as well.

    Good luck on your path to becoming an Absolver!
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