Khalt Hot Fix.

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I haven't seen anything on here, and (removed by Moderation). So I'm hoping we can get some offical response from someone here.

(From the start)BalistaFreak-

"Kahlt seems to be granting an irregular amount of frame advantage; you can see that sometimes you can confirm a hit and sometimes you can't. Kahlt that can confirm is broken. Figure it out."



(many times throughout the video,)Knodout-

Heres the thing, I think the idea of Khalt is amazing, It really is. But honestly, this has been a problem, since release. I've submitted tickets. I've Tweeted. The kids on Discord act like theyve never seen this and just kinda entirely neglect a lot. And now, Ill just leave these here for you all too see. This can happen on command, A particular one and though it wasn't entirely easy for me to do it (I'm a windall main) This happens so often in high tier matches that its difficult to even pay attention too, it happens so fast you can often barely see the blue assigned to the defensive ability khalt has. Ill be posting this to the fourms as well.

Fix this.

EDIT#2: Suggestion- Have a FULL ANIMATION when using khalt, all of it. Make it to where you cant cancel it. At all. Allow them to safely Block AFTER the full ANIMATION so that they are truly safe. This allows players to successfully absorb when they need to and take advantage of the protection and health they get back on absorb. This augments input buffering with avoid moves with khalt very well(or it would in my opinion)Allowing this will allow players who play kahlt to safely input buffer. without the cheese.

EDIT 2(Discord Needed); With HAPO-

"so the thing with the garented option after absorb is soemthign that you might have spotted before in oyur games its liek the enemy started an attack but having absorb frames o nthe start of the aniamtion its like a super precise cancel that kahlt cna do when they like input an attack like so good in a tight spot right as the hitbox connect that its gonna just skip the absorb animation completly i have to admit tho that its usper hard to input and that stagger is the only class that can get out of it cauz of goldlink timing on stagger evasives"

His post; /r/absolver/comments/840qam/so_khalt_confirm_is_a_thign_but_its_very_specific/


  • Hey RoyalSolidus,

    First off, please keep insults off these forums. Thank you.

    We've heard your comments on this already, as you're well aware. While we appreciate your desire to see this issue resolved, there is no need to repeatedly post it across all of our communication platforms. All reports of issues are sent to the team when they're initially posted and they are addressed as the team is able to address them.
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    Here; every time you're buffing classes or nerfing them we consistently see you guys actually post or updates about what's actually being said or brought to light here, Reddit or discord. Literally. I have literally been showing this to everyone for two months. And we've heard NOTHING from you guys about this particular bug. So, I'll be more than glad to share, and show people who haven't seen it for thee, first time.

    Good luck.
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