Absolver Mask Design Contest

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We’re happy to join our Community’s initiative in setting up a Mask Design Contest for Absolver in the following weeks, please read carefully the post below to know everything about this event!

How To Enter

  • Create an original Mask design for the game Absolver. Only digital images will be accepted, this includes photographs of hand drawn / sculpted designs. Examples of authorised submissions: digital painting, photomontage, scanned drawing, picture of a painting etc.
  • The mask should be accompanied by relevant description / lore that makes it believable and showcases how it would fit into the world of Absolver.
  • You may only submit ONE design and it needs to be submitted through the accompanying Google Forms submission document. The account that will submit the design must be active and part of the Official Absolver Discord Server, since all further communications will be made through the registered email address.
  • Four winners will be selected in total, three will be selected via community votes and one will be selected by the Sloclap team.
  • Winners will be announced via our website, social media and by direct contact to the winner’s Discord Profile. Submissions end on 25/03/18 12:00am GMT. The Team’s choice will be integrated into the game in an ulterior patch (barring minor design adaptations to fit the game’s technical constraints). The Popular Choice will be submitted to visitor’s votes via a TypeForm poll. The winner will be designated following interpretation of the TypeForm poll results.
  • The winner chosen by Sloclap will be featured in the game. The winners chosen by the community will be awarded a $50 / $25 / $10 gift card respectively for their chosen platform (Steam or PlayStation Network.) Each of the 4 winners will also win 1 Special Reserve Games edition of Absolver (Steam+Mask bundle or PS4+Mask bundle).

Design Requirements

  • General rules : The mask must cover the face, but it is not necessary that it covers all the head. The material(s) used must be solid and existing.
  • The mask can be designed in any way you see fit, whether that be a digital / hand drawn illustration, 3D model, real-world sculpture etc.
  • Integrity : By submitting an entry, any entrant attests that the design is their original work. Designs cannot contain part or whole of any copyrighted material or images belonging to a third party. Any submitted design that is reported or noticed as containing offensive imagery or illegal themes will be deleted by the contest’s administrators without notice, and such offenses may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Keep in mind that your submissions will be visible by other members of the community and subject to their scrutiny as well.

Official Rules

  • Winning entries will become the property of Sloclap. By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees that any and all property rights in the design are deemed assigned to Sloclap, and that Sloclap shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the entries without compensation to the entrant.
  • The winning Team’s Choice design will be chosen by the members of Sloclap during a review. Their decision will be final. The winning Popular Choice design will be chosen by the community
  • Sloclap reserves the right not to select a winner if no entries satisfy judging criteria.
  • Selection Criteria: Sloclap will evaluate all entries based on the following criteria (though other criteria may be considered): Relevance, Originality and Aesthetic Quality.


  • i've submitted my entry!

    Hope you guys like it. I dont really care about the psn card but a chance to have it made in game, who could pass that up!

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    That although my greatest motivation^^ ill submit mine soon. But its so hard to choose between my favourite ideas Q.Q
  • Love the game! I can't wait for some new masks! but shouldn't this be advertised on social media? I can't see it on the absolver FB? I reckon it would get so many more entries that way. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Selection Criteria: Relevance, Originality and Aesthetic Quality.
    There's not much lore to base on for Relevance. You've had all the way from mystical masks to sci-fi masks. And Relevance and Originality are opposites. It's hard to come up with a mask with just the latter two criteria.

    Only one mask to be picked for in-game, that's harsh. Gift card is not incentive enough.
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    Feix said:

    There's not much lore to base on for Relevance. You've had all the way from mystical masks to sci-fi masks. And Relevance and Originality are opposites. It's hard to come up with a mask with just the latter two criteria.

    Only one mask to be picked for in-game, that's harsh. Gift card is not incentive enough.

    i can assure you there are no sci-fi masks only 2 debatable exceptions are elohim's mask from thalos principle and the oratian operative mask. But those are masks that were easter eggs nothing more. All fully absolver masks are not sci-fi. Unless you consider essence sci-fi

    ( btw sloclap... bad idea for the elohim mask you ruined the game for me i was wondering if elohim was a robot or a god but from seeing the mask hes obviously a robot... now im less inclined to finish thalos principle, next time you guys make masks like that makre sure they aren't a spolier )

    Back to the subject at hand.

    To much lore? Really TO MUCH? O _ O this game has so very little lore my friend, i so dont know what to tell you for that part.

    Relevance and origniality are not opposites.

    they want relevance in the sence that.. Example: you make a space exploration mask. Not relevant

    they want originality in the sence that.. your mask looks like already existing masks in game or out. not original

    "Only 1 mask to be picked for ingame" is a little harsh more the merrier thats for sure but 1 is better then none.

    For the gift cards i agree most people don't care though its not just a gift card you get a hard copy of absolver the art book and a real life prospect mask with it if im not mistaken.

    If i can propose tips for creating one.

    first find your material(s) youd like your mask to be made of.

    second look at things in game to help. Example you like the karshi nomad set so think to yourself AH! il make a karshi nomad mask.

    third figure out what story it will have, either tie an emotion or feeling to it like vengence or loneliness etc.
    Or tie a made up event with it such as...... a wedding gone wrong but the groom keep his wedding mask as a reminder etc...

    finaly figure out the shape and colors and texture based on all 3 first steps. hope this helps.

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