Tab titles on news webpages

Maybe it is intentional but wanted to say it here again(said it in discord feedback page) that the full url is displayed on the tab and it looks a bit weird, i would personally just have "Absolver - Absolver Gameplay Beta: full Patch Note''. Again i'm not sure if this is intentionalor a bug that's why i posted it on the feedback tab in discord, sorry if it is intentional.


  • Hmm... that seems to be a consistent issue with how the site parses those news articles, but I don't see it happening elsewhere unless I missed something.

    I'll pass it along, but if it's an issue with the software we use, it may not be an easy fix. Thanks!
  • Just noticed that the title is not set, as in the other ones. Here's a gif showing what i mean: .Not sure if that helps mutch, but yeah.
  • Hey kris,

    Thank you very much for additional info illustrating possible issue. I've forwarded it to the Team. We appreciate your help!
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