So beta's been over for a week. Update soon?

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I must admit im geting impacient, can we get something in the next couple days. Please.
Or just give us a vague time frame of when new stuff will come. Right now we dont know if we're geting something in the next 2 days or the next 2 months.
I have a full understanding that your team is small i know and this is your first game ( amazing first game havent had this much fun since "God Hand"), but still you guys are a tad slow in letting us know how far along you are on developement and at actually fixing things or adding new things. Thats taking into account that your a small team.

love you guys you know it, just being honest.

P.S i hope this isint just a "job" for most of you, usually people dont go above and beyond for just a "job" i hope you all see absolver as your baby, I'd work on this game withouth pay and overtime if i had the chance.

I also hope you guys didnt secretly split the team in half to start working on a new game..


  • Hey THDante,

    We've kept a pretty consistent Patch cadence since October (September was an outlier, as Launch months always are) of one major Patch a month. We released a Patch for the game at the end of January, then quickly followed it up with two adjustment patches that we don't necessarily count towards our Cadence.

    We then introduced a Combat Beta Weekend with full Patch Notes to not only let the community know what was coming, but also let them get a chance to provide early feedback for it so we can make adjustments prior to the official Patch. We then need to make any adjustments we feel are necessary based on the feedback provided by the community and then, once the adjustments are done, put that Patch through a QA process to remove as many bugs as possible.

    It's safe to assume we would like to release a Patch in February based on all of this information. However, we can't guarantee that because of how QA works. If we run into bugs during the QA process, we stop and fix those bugs, then start the QA process again, then repeat until we're as confident in the Patch as we can be prior to it being hammered by the entire community.

    So when's the next Patch coming? Target date is Soon™. We want it out as soon as possible, but we also want to do our jobs and make sure we're following the proper process for release.
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    I understand all that and if you truly are all giving all you have to absolver, and not working on a side game for example then all is well, im just impacient.

    though having said that i ment more along the line of easy stuff to just introduce in the mean time like couple new masks or a new set of clothing or 2 new weapons. dont even need for them to be completely new re use some assets and change them a bit or something. like how you just put all weapons gold. boom easily done and now people have a little something to aim for while the real patches get made.

    Basically small stuff to make hardcore players tell them selves oh nice they put out these new masks, or colored weapons i really want that one it'd match really nicely with my set.. i dont know little sometings in betwen, appetizers if you will, untill the main course comes.

    As for informing us i know you commiting to a deadline is stressfull and i dont want you to do that.

    but at least say stuff like " if everything goes well it we should be done with this by that time" then if you have complications just say so. Or Just weakly updates on the website or twitter with a couple words from you guys on how things are progressing.

    Again. Just impacient.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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