Advertise more!!!

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Honestly guys, you have near 5k likes on facebook, 25k followers on twitter...

People these days have A.D.D they forget things... Everything.. Even things they found interesting.

Post some stuff on all your social media pages regularly, like images of fabsolvers to promote the cool styles you can have in this game. Or gifs of intense fight sequences, even fan art.. Anything just post stuff every 2-3 days to remind people you exist.

I'm honestly lucky i found out about this game back them. I came this close to not knowing it existed. what a tragedy that would of been. Not even being sarcastic.

P.S if you guys are low on funds set up a Donation page or something, I'd gladly support.


  • Hey THDante,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this along to the people that need to see it. :smile:
  • Yeah no one I talk to has even heard of the game and when I tell people it's a martial arts base game they just write it off but those same friends who said it didn't fit them once they saw and I showed them the ropes of the games it was easily a game seller I really want this game to go places to many other games don't even come close touching the level of satisfaction absolver brings please do capitalize on this beautiful piece of artwork
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