Final bug report for a while.

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I'm also going to give links to my other treads as some old bugs seem to resurface. So should the devs want to refer to the others ones...

First off.

log on to find my school page like this. it went away after a couple minutes on its own.


People are getting revived again even after the team mate no longer holds their hand.


My gf finaly played a bit with me again, everything was rather fine until at one point we waited in a loading screen for 10 minutes to then join and empty game marked as an instant win.

Fourth and final.

This one is new at least from what i've experienced.

Raggedy corpse being revived flopping around.

Thats that within these 4 threads are the most common Absolver gameplay bugs. Hopefully when you fix them they wont resurface later on, giving you a chance to focus on faster new content and such.


  • Hey THDante, thank you ever so much for compiling these bug reports for us, we greatly appreciate it!

    I'm sorry for the trouble you've had in that experience when playing with your girlfriend, though rest assured that I'll be passing these reports along to the team.

    Thanks again, THDante!
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