First time in forums and just saying hello.

Hey all, just got back into this game after a fairly-ish long hiatus and I thought to myself (as I got into farming moves) that I am prepared to buy DLC for this fun game. Anyone else of similar opinion?

Btw. Didn't realise this game now has "fashion souls" level of customisation. Keep up the fabulous work SloClap!


  • I'm totally ready to buy DLC, would be awesome if they added some kind of dungeons or raids. Nice that you got back into the game
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    Yeah same here id buy a DLC

    But i fear a bit that a DLC could kill this game cause the player count is already low. Maybe a survey could help to see if the community is rdy for it.
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    I'd give them 200$ on the spot just to be able to play, these last few days No one is on...

    3v3 takes LITERALLY emphasis on literally, hours now before 3v3 find a session. i always get the notification My ps4 controler freaking shuts down because it has not been used in 30 minutes....

    yesterday i put on a movie while the game was queueing telling myself il pause it when the matches start.
    50 minutes later i just closed the game.

    1v1 ranges from instant to 20 minute waits. but odds are you'l be fighting the 3 same dudes over and over that have the same lame deck and cheap tactics like earthquake side kick.

    Il pass. :(

    cant wait for any form of update, i hope its not after the mask contest, 18 days is to much for me to be online doing nothing.

    Yes sloclap i log on knowing i might not even get to play, thats how much i love you.

    p.s thats considering i've already given them 240$ i bought the game for 5 people and myself.
  • Hi everyone!

    We do appreciate that people in our community would be willing to purchase a DLC for Absolver. However, we are still currently committed to delivering on the promises we've made the community in our Roadmap and the plan for those updates is that they're all free.

    If something changes about our future plans, we will be sure to let you know. Thank you all for your passion and dedication!
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