Prestige System

The upcoming Prestige System Update will expand your possibilities after you hit level 60. You’ll be able to show your Absolver way with new tools, such as customizing your character’s appearance and also shopping for some new animations for your 1v1 introduction scene.

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  • I'm so ready for this love the game and this will make me even happier
  • "such as customizing your character’s appearance"

    if that means new gear and masks and such im all for it. hope it comes soon.
  • Epic! Choosing different intros sounds like a nice touch, i cant wait for more content
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    Is there more planed for the "Prestige System Update"? since it's still opened.
    Edit: An interesting feature could be that you could hide your Prestige level, since a lot of players feel scared to fight emeralds, or the other way around that some people don't bother fighting others if there not atleast a cearten Prestige lvl. Even tho the Prestige lvl only shows the time user has spent in game, it is seen as a represotation of player skill
  • yeah by all means place a system where experienced players can hide from the new players so they can rofl stomp them and make them quit
  • true that could be used like that, but smurfs already exist with new accounts and schools. This is more to not scare the new player in fighting older ones(see a lot of new players spam sad emotes when they see anyone above silver, they don't seam to even wanna fight they just give up kinda with randomly spamming buttons and emtoes) and other way arround. See a lot of older players insta quit if the player is not alteast silver. There are some bronz players that are better then gold the prestiage dosn't show anyting but time spent.
  • this game is bleeding more players than it gains and its because of that feature right there.. they really really need to get a match making system going account wide... and stop with gazillion smurfs you can make.. so that way.. if you make a smurf youre still going to be ranked as if you were playing on your main.. and good luck if you are a high level player because your stats arent all there and youre going to get rekt... problem solved..

    however, the game has NO player base.. maybe 30 people on a day during the week and on the weekend maybe 60.. i heard a rumor that the game got 700 more new people but i havent seen them.. and if they are only playing the sp aspect of this game they are going to be disappointed with the 3 hours it takes to beat the game
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