I beat the game but what else is there I'm lost need help

Hello everyone I'm new to absolver I'm at the end game basically leveling up but I'm honestly no sure what to do. Like there is high level hear you can buy but what's the fastest way to get fragments other than breaking down gear and then there are these rift disk and rift coins how exactly do you earn them I mean I wish this were explained somewhere. And can someone tell me why I'm getti g matched with players in PvP much higher ranked than me I mean a couple of fights I can sort of fend them off but my god out of the 20 matched I've had today I fought one person that was near my level and the other 19 were just destroying me I mean how am I supposed to enjoy the game if "matchmaking" decides it's going screw me over by feeding me to the sharks I just don't understand. But this isn't a rant this is a message to anyone on PSN or pc I could really use some help/guidance on absolver I don't wanna give up on this game but I haven't had to much help from anyone so if you could I would appreciate it thanks. My psn is


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    Hi, realbeanhimself. Good to see a new face ^ _ ^.

    Um... Well, basically that's it. You fight mobs, learning additional move from time to time. You do your best to master your deck. Learn how to use special ability of your style. You participate in PVP trying to do all of those things I've mentioned above and more. Losing is not a bad thing as you actually learn from it. LVL 60 is just the begining, like a tutorial you need to get the very basics of the game. Oh, there's 3 vs 3 fights.

    Good luck with the game and most importantly - have fun. If you have some problems creating a good deck, you can try to join a school, many people do.
  • Ok so how do you earn fragments also how do you obtain rift coins
  • Fragments can be obtained from breaking down gear, and are used to buy weapons or gear from the essence shop
    or to repair and dye equipment.

    Crystals are obtained from your normal lvl ups ( at lvl 60 it resets like a prestige system and for the 10 first levels you lvl up realy fast. so its always fun to prestige to get easy crystals for the first 10 levels each time.

    Rift coins are obtained by lvling up in combat trials ( those yellow ish diamonds you see after a pvp game ) they where ment to represent rounds originally as in 1v1 3 rounds won would give you 3 yellow diamonds.. point is every 5 you get make you combat trial lvl up

    Rift disks are bought with crystals.

  • Hey realbeanhimself,

    It sounds like you finished some of the basic parts of the PvE portion of the game, however Absolver is a PvP game so it isn't something you "beat." You didn't state if you've reached max level or not, if you've fought all versions of the instanced boss fights, or if you have learned all the combat styles or moves yet. Those things are good to provide to the community so they can better answer your questions about how to improve/move forward. You may also want to ask questions like these in the General Gameplay section or check out the Combat Decks/Builds section here in the forums.

    For now, I'll give some basic advice and answer some of your questions.
    • If you're having a rough time in the Combat Trials, you may want to either find people to 1v1 with to practice or pick fights with the Marked Ones in PvE to both practice your moves and learn new ones.
    • Rift Coins - These are random loot drops from enemies.
    • Rift Disks - You purchase these with Crystals you earn at each Prestige level. Prestige levels are gained after you've reached max character level.
    • Fragments - These are gained by salvaging extra equipment you have that you don't want to keep.
    As for the matchmaking system, we're currently reviewing community feedback about it to try to improve the experience. Currently you are matched with other players that are as close to your skill rating and character level as possible while also taking into account latency. Of course, the system can also only match you against players that are queuing for Combat Trials. So if there isn't anyone near your level or skill rating queuing to fight, there's no way for it to give you a good match.

    Hope this gives you a direction to go in moving forward so you can continue to improve your game!
  • As ok thank you all for the feedback that helps a lot I appreciate it
  • May everyone goes all out at you because your name sounds simular to "Real Human Being" whos a high lvl pvp player in absolver. xD
  • No I'm not high leveled I just prestige for the first time witch felt good just saving for some good gear now and trying yo find a good school yo join
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