Is it a Bug or a Feature? A Minor Complaint About Combat Trials

Two things to discuss today: I was doing a lot of combat trials today (I don't often get the chance to test out how it works as there are not many players in my region so I had to get my brother to do combat trials til we met up so we could record easier the progression) and what I found did worry me a little.
Considering how much of the endgame at the moment is emphasising doing combat trials over and over, I'm surprised to see that there is not much reward if you fail. Not to say that you should be rewarded for failure, but you should get more just for trying. Example; If you were to do rather well in every round in a bout, say getting a higher level opponent down to low health each time but losing each round by a sliver anyway, and ultimately losing the match, you might be rather justly disappointed to see your only reward for this arduous task is a measly single gem in your combat trials belt, and no experience. This is what we found during testing, and I understand that in a traditional absolver fight, experience is usually rewarded per defeated enemy, not per hits landed, but not even being given a measly 100 experience or so just for trying, or even a little more, is a good way to turn people away from an excellent system. This is what happened to me early in the games launch; the combat trials felt very hostile to somebody who hasn't been playing as long as I now have, so after several fights with far more skilled players and not getting anything from it, I stopped playing them. Now, I'm not saying that this is some game breaking thing, or that it needs great attention right now when the team is very busy, but it would be great to hear any sort of feedback on the subject if anybody else has anything to add (even if it's just to put me in my place)

TL;DR: please make combat trials a little more friendly to the less competitive, the timid, the unsure, or the simply not that good. Love from, a fairly competitive, abrasive, cocksure, probably too good for his own good stagger method user.

The second thing; during our testing today, we noticed that if you have the healing effect up while you use the Grab punch ability, it doesn't remove the buff if you only take a single hit. I'm assuming that this works with any charge attack and is something to do with the charge buff something something (I'm no programmer, I speak C-137 not C++) so I just wanted to know what everyone thinks? So lets play, IS IT A BUG OR A FEATURE??!

Will check updates on this soon. Or not. :|


  • Right CTs are not really rewarding now if you lose, but they were rewarding until patch 1.11. You got 8000 exp
    for losing and more for winning. The funny thing is they did not mention it in the patch news just changed it without explanation. One of the reasons i am currently not playing absolver.
  • There is currently an issue with players in Combat Trials not actively participating and still progressing. We're working on ways to resolve this, but until we do we probably won't adjust the rewards you get when you do lose.

    As for the Grab Punch effect you noticed, that is currently working correctly.
  • Yea i thought so much thats the reason we have to suffer because of these shitty players ;) buuuut if i remember correctly the reward for 1vs1 and 3vs3 ist the same right? i am waiting for 20mins to join a 3v3 fight right now, and
    no fight still searching 1/6 players -_-

    No one is playing 3vs3 it seems? How about making it more rewarding to lure more fighters, this sucks sorry.
    I really like Absolver, i have spent more than hundred hours in this game and i would gladly spend houndred more.
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