Practice dummy fights back.

Poor dude gets a lot of abuse. It would be nice if he could fight back. Maybe using the deck you just created. That way you could see what it's like to fight against your own deck and identify potential weaknesses. Would this be possible to add this as an option?


  • That's a pretty sweet idea.
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    A perfectly reasonable thing. Actually the first thing I thought about when I entered meditation practice.
  • Hey Blion, thanks for sharing this!

    I think being able to test the effectiveness of your deck by having the dummy use it on you is a pretty cool idea! I'll pass this along to the team. While I can't promise a direct response from them, please rest assured that it'll most certainly be seen.

    Thanks again for telling us about your idea, and if you can think of anything else, please let me know!
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    ^^ This would be great ^^
    not to hijack the thread, but it would also be cool to have NPC's in the world (at higher skill level) fight with popular player made school decks.
  • I just want to second this idea. Yes!
  • Here is a little update before I forgot it: school decks. You just select a school for your training dummy to use and that's it. That way you can actually train yourself against some real stuff. Of course AI is not a replacement for a real oponent, but it's better then nothing.
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