[PC] Easy Anti-cheat blocking Steam Controller

Hey folks,

Thank you for this amazing game and the fixes for latency issues. It made me hyped for Absolver again.

Unfortunately, I cannot experience it in a way I'd like to. I have a GOG version of Absolver (so not a Steam one) but I'm using a Steam Controller, because it is awesome. When I was playing shortly after the release, that was not a problem - I simply added Absolver to my Steam library and played in Big Picture mode using my Steam Controller.

When I've come back to Absolver (just recently) I was unable to play online using SC (Steam Controller). Booting AbsolverLauncher.exe brings up an Easy Anti-cheat loading, then launches the game and connects me to servers but leaves me with dead controller.
Launchung Absolver.exe does not bring up an Easy Anti-cheat loading pop-up, boots the game but obviously does not let me connect to the servers. I can still play using a Steam Controller but without the multiplayer aspect... which sucks :-/ Absolver is cool to play with or versus friends but only using a controller!

I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this issue (though I couldn't find a similar topic) so please at least let us know what's the official statement about SC & EAC thing. I've heard Easy Anti-Cheat blocks Steam Controller or other controllers with mapping. If that's true (please confirm) consider putting some pressure on EAC team to work on a solution as this issue is huge.

Regards and thank you for the game,


  • Hey Skok,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It would also be nice if you email directly to support_pc@sloclap.com with detailed info about this issue with your Steam Controller.
  • I think this is something Steam would have to deal with.
  • Did this ever get resolved? I'm thinking of buying a steam controller.
  • Hey ocybin,

    We haven't had any recent bug reports about this issue, so it should be resolved.
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