Absolver 1.11 Update

Hi everyone!

We've just uploaded Absolver 1.11 on Steam and GOG. The team has been working very hard these past weeks on getting the 3v3 "Overtake" game mode ready for the Absolver community and we're very happy to share it with you today. As you'll notice, the Overtake game mode is still in beta, as we are still fixing some issues, but it is already really fun and we've been having a great time playtesting it at the studio! Other improvements in this update include 1v1 Private Games, a new Shop for equipment, weapons and emotes, full 21:9 monitor support, equipment color dye, as well as the ability to rematch directly from the post-match Combat Trial screen, both in 1v1 and 3v3. Complete release notes are below.

Absolver will be featured from today until Monday morning as the Steam Weekend Deal with a 50% off discount with the goal of inviting many new players into the ranks of Absolvers. We will need your help in getting the word out on this update, so if you enjoy the game and the recent updates, please share the news to friends: we need as many Prospects as possible on the plains of Adal!

We've also been closely monitoring player feedback on forums and social media, although we haven't had time to respond to all your requests and concerns. Sorry for not communicating a lot recently, but next week we will share with everyone more news on our roadmap, and the upcoming improvements that we are planning to implement to Absolver in future updates.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support, and please let us know what you think about this new game mode!

All the best,
Sloclap team

(See below for patch notes)


  • 1.11 Update Release Notes

    3v3 Combat Trial – Overtake

    - Overtake Combat Trial is played with 6 players, two teams of 3
    - “Coop 3v3 Match”: play with your coop group against other players in 3v3 game modes
    - 3 Maps are available in this mode

    Private matches

    - Private 1v1: “Friendly Match” play against a player in your coop group

    Prestige expanded

    - Players can now exchange fragments for Gear and Weapons
    - Players can now exchange crystals for Emotes
    - New gear is available through the Prestige System
    - Players can now dye their equipment with fragments

    Anticheat v.1

    - Detected cheaters are now automatically kicked from online play. Additional measures may be implemented, please let us know if you encounter cheaters/hackers.

    New screen ratios support

    - 21:9 monitor are now fully supported, as well as other screen ratios


    - Players can now customize their emote wheel with newly obtained emotes
    - Equipment menu have been slightly updated to fit better with the new features
    - Log feed has been updated
    - Matchmaking can now be launched from the post-fight menu in Combat Trials


    - Players can now fight in both Day and Night versions of the Combat Trials maps
    - Combat Trial Maps are now running at 60FPS on PS4
    - Various debug in the Main Map (collisions, LODs, shader optimization)
    - Lighting issues have been fixed, no more black assets
    - Various debug on all FX
    - Gameplay


    - active frame reduced from 7 to 5 (same value as absorb ability)

    Gravity :
    - hit character goes in overweight state
    - overweight now also impact lockmove speed
    - guard impact reduced from 50 to 15
    - stun reduced from 32 to 20, and block stun from 18 to 12

    Earthquake & exhaust :
    - “charging” property replaced by Absorb property during buildup

    Shield :
    - add Absorb property during buildup

    - Kuretz & Risryn now give the intended amount of XP

    - Fixed some issues regarding keyboard + mouse behavior when scrolling and right-clicking
    - Fixed some issues with sound, especially regarding to reverb effect and missing audios on some attacks
    - Fixed some infinite loadings issues
    - [Gameplay] Avoid successfull now always affects opponent (slow down)
    - [Gameplay] Player cannot use shards after being silenced anymore
    - [Gameplay] Charging attacks are now always interrupted when hit twice

    Known issues:

    - GOG overlay is currently not functional, this will be fixed very soon.

    Disclaimer: There was an issue with the dye system, it will be up ASAP! We apologize for the inconvenience everyone!
  • you guys are doing a great job with this game, and we all appreciate your constant updates and listening to the player feedback :smile:
  • I logged in on PC to check out the update and my save is gone.
  • Hello! Thank you for this update which is as usual all good and for your game, in a few word: I love it! :)

    A small suggestion about the "Matchmaking can now be launched from the post-fight menu in Combat Trials" option:
    Maybe a distinct option would be better, as sometimes you want to find a new opponent even if he wants to rematch.

    Wish you the best! :)
  • Thanks for the update, but why don`t you mention the extreme change of XP gain, both pvp and pve?
    And i don`t mean Kuretz and Risryn alone, sorry, but it was fine as it was before, but now you need a lot more
    time for leveling up and getting crystals. I like the update with the shop and the new game mode, but with the low XP gain now you destroyed it for me. Just my personel opinion. Its time for an Absolver break.
  • Really awesome update, but the balance in 3v3 matches always seems off... Firstly, there are absolutely NO close matches, it's always 5000 to below 1000... srsly, always. And this doesn't appear to be a coincidence since in one team you have two or three students and in the other three disciples (as far as I know that's pmuch the only way to measure a players pvp experience). I have been on both end of this but, as stated earlier, have yet to experience a single balanced game :/
  • Ok, just had an awesome streak of games that culminated in a 4980 to a 5000, balance today was absolutley awesome (atleast for me)
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