Forums are frustrating.

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Not the first time...

i write a huge reply to someone everything is fine, then go to edit it click save, a little bubble appears saying the post will be reveiwed and will be unavailable until then, why?????? when i first posted it i got posted , then after my edit it completely removes the post with that message.....Is it like checks at the airport is it random? cause usually i can post instantly withouth this message appearing. Now i cant see my post and i cant read it post edit to make sure its fine cause everything dissapeard.

now im supposed to wait how long? cause when they decide to apporve it if the 1h edit window is gone, or if by the time they approve it its night time over here, and I miss the 1h edit window because im sleeping.

im going to be uterly dissapointed in how forums are managed and will most likely stop posting alltogether.


  • This happened to me a couple times -- I thought it was moderation, but I think it's a bug in the forum. It's probably to counter some of the spam that's been coming through. I got around this by copying my last post into Word, then reposting it after seeing it was lost in limbo.
  • It's our forum spam filter which is set pretty high due to the amount of spam we've been seeing. From the posts I've just gone through and manually approved, it looks like the size of the overall posts being made is triggering the filter.

    We're not managing the spam queue 24/7, so if your post gets eaten you can either wait for it to get approved manually or break up your wall'o'text into multiple shorter posts.
  • makes sence. Now we know. Althought an option to edit and review the post thats pending for approval would be great. If you end up approving it and im not near or sleeping il miss the 1h window to edit.
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